10 Golden Ways To Stop Coughing

//10 Golden Ways To Stop Coughing


Sip water, take a hot shower, do not eat late at night

Coughing is nearly everyone’s problem especially in autumn and winter. First we need to drink plenty of water to stop coughing which sometimes results in sleepless nights and puts us in a difficult situation in public. Because according to specialists the most effective way is drinking water!

Coughing which is developed by upper respiratory infections such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, catarrh and cold is a problem nearly all of us suffer. It can spoil our sleep and also put us in a difficult situation in public. So what precautions should be taken to stop coughing if it is developed due to an upper respiratory infection? Dr. Bahri Temüray, Pulmonology Specialist in Bahçelievler Aile Hospital, emphasizes that the most effective way to ease coughs is to drink at least 2 liters of water daily and compiles the other ways as follows:


1. Sip water

Nasal flow arising from an upper respiratory infection can result in coughing by irritating throat. Water thins out this flow and thereby prevents or relieves throat irritation. Drinking lots of water also helps keep throat moist, thus eases coughing. In addition to that, it helps fulfill fluid need that increases as a result of upper respiratory infections. Do not neglect drinking at least 2 liters of water daily. You need to drink water slowly and sip by sip for your body to use each sip for your benefit. Because the water you drink fast does not enter to your stomach but goes straight into kidneys and is expelled out from your body as urine in 15-20 minutes.

2. Add honey to herbal tea, make a tea with mint leafs and lemon

Beverages such as linden tea, rose hip tea, sage tea, ginger tea and mint-lemon tea also help ease coughing. Besides, adding some honey to tea also relieves coughing. Honey has positive effects like strengthening body’s defense against microbes, slowing down cellular senescence, strengthening immune system and providing anti-inflammatory influence. Moreover it softens throat and decreases duration of coughing by moisturizing throat with its hydrating property.

3. Eat vitamin C rich fruits:

If coughing is associated with upper respiratory infections, consume vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables like citrus fruits such as grapefruit, mandarin, orange and lemon as well as black cabbage, raspberry, tomato, spinach, green beans, peas and onion.  These speed the healing process with their antioxidant effects.

4. Quit smoking

Cigarette smoke is one of the factors that irritate throat. It also damages mechanisms which protect respiratory tract. Make a point of giving up this harmful habit as soon as possible.

5. Adjust humidity level of your room

Dry indoor air is an important factor that increases coughing by drying respiratory tract. Use a humidity compensator or air conditioner to make humidity level of your house ideal. Make sure that the humidity level is between 30 and 50 percent. However, avoid using humidity compensators for a long time. Also do not forget to air your house every day.

6. Take a hot shower

A hot shower helps reduce coughing by loosening nasal secretions. Hot steam is also good for coughs arising from allergy or asthma.

7. Be careful with perfumes and cleaning products

Perfumes and household cleaning products (such as bleach) can cause coughing by irritating throat. While it is not possible to say that they effect every physique, they can cause vital reactions due to high risk of edema and bronchospasm development in the allergic physiques.

8. Do not eat after 19.00

If you have reflux disease stop eating after 19.00. Avoid foods and beverages that exasperate reflux such as tea, coffee, soda and chocolate as far as possible. And do not forget to place your pillow by means it raises your head.

9. Wash your beddings at a temperature of at least 55 degrees

House dust mite and mold and pet dander can lead to coughing fits in the allergic physiques. Take precaution against these kind of allergic agents. Do not use woolen undershirts, quilts, pillows or carpets. Wash your beddings and pillowcases at a temperature of at least 55 degrees. Choose cotton coverlets and curtains that can be washed often.

10. Avoid fabric covered goods

Keep as few goods as possible at your house if you are the allergic physique. Prefer leather, synthetic or wooden furniture instead of fabric covered ones. Make a point of keeping goods that tend to gather much dust inside wardrobes.

Do not underestimate coughing if its duration is more than 2 weeks

Most of us can be late to consult a doctor thinking that coughs arise from upper respiratory infections particularly in this season. However if coughing, which is an important mechanism of our defense system, lasts more than 2 weeks it might indicate pneumonia, COPD and laryngeal or lung cancer. Therefore it is vital to consult a doctor in case of suffering from cough.

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