2 out of every 10 people is a candidate for diabetes

//2 out of every 10 people is a candidate for diabetes

5 early signs of diabetes!


Diabetes is a health problem that is rapidly growing in frequency throughout the world. According to the latest studies diabetic patients comprise 13.5 percent of the entire population in our country and this figure rises to 33 percent when we include people who have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes but have compromised glucose tolerance and are accepted as candidates for diabetes. In other words about one in 10 out of the Turkish population is currently diabetic and 2 out of 10 people will face with a diabetes diagnosis in the next few years. In contrast to this depressing fact, there is also some good news. Early diagnosis of people who are candidates for diabetes allows them to take the necessary precautions and start medical treatment if necessary to delay or even prevent the development of diabetes. Therefore, it is important that people who have diabetes in the family and who are overweight and eat irregularly have their blood sugar tested once a year. Also it is very important to know the symptoms of sugar metabolism disorders and their stages in order to seek medical help immediately. Acibadem Kadıköy Hospital Endocrinology and Metabolism Specialist Dr. Özlem Sezgin Meriçliler, described the preliminary signals of diabetes.


The symptoms listed below may mean that you are a candidate for diabetes. If you go to a doctor as soon as possible and take the necessary precautions you may be able to delay or even prevent the development of diabetes.

1. Frequent hunger

Carbohydrates, sugary and fast foods cause weight gain, which is also reinforced with a sedate lifestyle. As you gain weight, it becomes difficult for insulin to be used by cells. In order to overcome this difficulty, the body starts to secrete more insulin. This is called ‘insulin resistance’. However, even though increasing insulin controls blood sugar at first, it can cause complaints of frequent hunger and waking up at night feeling hungry.

2. Feeling of Not Being Satiated

Another symptom of the insulin resistance period is the feeling of not being full. People who are candidates for diabetes complain about being hungry or hunger pains in their stomach shortly after eating up a meal.

3. Dessert attacks

Eating uncontrollably because of feeling hungry frequently causes the insulin secretion to be stimulated more. The increasing insulin drops the blood sugar below normal in a short while. As a result of the dropping blood sugar, the body starts to crave for dessert as a reflex. People then tend to consume more sugary and floury foods and gain weight. Since insulin resistance increasediabet5s with more weight gain, the body will have to secrete more and more insulin. More insulin means more drop in blood sugar and this leads to cravings for more sweets and irregular eating habits.

4. Feeling faint

Increased insulin will eventually cause blood sugar to drop below normal levels. This is called ‘reactive hypoglycemia’. Especially 1-3 hours after meals with a lot of sugar and carbohydrate content, people can feel faint, palpitations and cold sweat in connection with the drop in blood sugar.

5. Gaining weight

The uncontrolled increase in appetite and dessert craving caused by insulin resistance will cause weight gain. Also since insulin is a hormone that feeds fat tissue, even people who watch their diets in this stage notice that they cannot lose weight.

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