First they surrendered their hearts then they gave their kidneys!

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We often witness wives giving their kidneys to their husbands. In recent years, this practice is also becoming popular among husbands. When kidney failure affected the wives of 32-year-old Recep Aygün and 39-year-old Halil Uzun gave their kidneys to the women they loved without thinking twice. Acibadem International Hospital Organ Transplant Center Official Prof. Dr. İbrahim Berber and his team performed the transplants which brought Arzu Aygün and Pınar Yalnız back to life. There is a joy in these homes that is hard to describe now.

29-year-old Arzu Aygün and 33-year-old Pınar Yalnız are both young women with kidney failure. One has been married for three years, and the other five. Their husbands, Recep Aygün and Halil Yalnız, are their biggest chance. Completely loyal to the promise they made in marriage by saying ‘in sickness and in health’, these men gave kidneys to the women they love when tested to prove their love. 32-year-old Recep Aygün and 39-year-old Halil Yalnız knew their wives had kidney failure when they married. Despite this, they loved their wives and bonded with them, and when the time came they gave their wives a new chance at life. Recep Aygün says “When she was in pain, I felt pain. I told the doctor to give her my other kidney too if necessary, and transplant the one that is not working in me” and Halil Yalnız talks about waiting at her bedside for months, “I was so afraid that something would happen to her. One night in Çanakkale, my wife almost died. She was on dialysis for two months, but when I found out she could become healthy again with a kidney transplant, I didn’t think twice and gave her my kidney.” The Aygün couple living in Istanbul, and the Yalnız couple living in Çanakkale are now on their way to their homes healthy, full of live and with smiles on their faces after the successful operation by Acibadem International Hospital Organ Transplant Center Authority Prof. Dr. İbrahim Berber and his team.

“Being a man is not just a statement, you are one when you can say WE and not just ME!”

Recep Aygün, who is a machine operator, is from Rize. He says he feels much better and healthier after giving his kidney to his wife; “As long as she is happy, I want nothing else. You cannot just sit with your legs crossed, while you see a person falling to pieces before your eyes. A person needs to look into their conscience. Being able to give life to my wife is the best feeling. Being a man is not about doing everything, but about being able to put your heart into things” he says as he sets an example for others of his gender.

Halil Yalnız says “We always see women giving life to their husbands. If you are setting out on a journey with a life partner, the man and woman must be one. This partnership should not be man-woman but “us”. Men should provide support and life too”. While Aygün and Yalnız say the best gift is to see their wives healthy, Arzu Aygün says with a smile “Many people around me were surprised when my husband gave me his kidney, we do not see this kind of thing much in men. He has always been a great support to me in everything, and now he has given me life”. Pınar Yalnız, who suffers from genetic polycystic kidney failure, says “When we set out on this journey the words “in sickness and in health” were not just words. We became two halves of an apple. On his birthday, when I should have been giving him a gift, he gave me the gift of his kidney and a new life for me” with a smile in her eyes.

It is possible to recover the same day

Acibadem International Hospital Organ Transplant Center Official Prof. Dr. İbrahim Berber, who successfully performed the kidney transplants for the young couples explained that the operation on the donors was done laparoscopically, in other words the closed method, removing the kidney through three holes and an incision of 5-6 centimeters in the groin and transplanting the kidney in the patients and added; “The laparoscopic method has many advantages. The donor recovers the same evening, and can be discharged the next day. If they did not tell you, you could never notice they were missing a kidney. There is almost no bleeding or pain, and the risk of a hernia at the wound location is very low compared to other operations, and the donor can continue their life normally without ever feeling the absence of one kidney. Nowadays, we see more and more men giving their kidneys to their wives, and this is a pleasing occurrence”. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Berber explained that the most common question asked by donors is “Will having a single kidney create problems later on?”, “We can say without a doubt that there are many people born with one kidney that lead healthy lives without any complications into their 80s and 90s. They complete their lives with a single kidney. But then we have many patients born with two kidneys, and both of them can be defective”.

“They proved that they are real life companions, I congratulate them”

Acibadem International Hospital Organ Transplant Center Head of Nephrology Prof. Dr. Ülkem Çakır says,”Many patients that we would have rejected transplanting to in the past because of their condition are now able to get successful organ transplants thanks to very advanced technology.”  Prof. Dr. Ülkem Çakır pointed out that the kidneys of both patients were working at full capacity and added, “Both women had the good luck of husbands who were really their life partners. Two very brave and healthy men gave their kidneys to their wives and gave them life. Rather than running away, they joined forces with their wives and showed what great hearts they have”.

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