5 Important Reasons To Eat Breakfast

//5 Important Reasons To Eat Breakfast


Eating breakfast reduces the risk of heart attack!

Sometimes we tend to skip breakfast for various reasons like getting up late or not feeling hungry or because we can’t find the time when we are getting ready for work. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day when we give our body the energy it needs after a long period of hunger. Our bodies, which stay without food for an average of 10-12 hours after dinner or evening snack, are like vehicles without fuel when we are starting out the day. This is why we need to eat breakfast within 1 hour after we wake up to fuel up our bodies in order to enable them to function. In fact studies show that eating breakfast improves the quality of our life as well as being critical for a healthy life. Acibadem Fulya Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Melike Şeyma Deniz listed the 5 vital reasons to eat breakfast:

1-It enables us to lose weight faster

breakfast-2Our weight is the balance between the energy we use and the energy we take in. When the energy we expend is more than the energy we take in, we lose weight. Sometimes we think “if I eat less, it will be better, and I am not hungry in the morning anyway’’, and we skip breakfast. Ok, then why do we gain weight although we decrease our energy intake by skipping breakfast? There are 2 reasons: First of all people who skip breakfast are less physically active in the day therefore their energy use decreases. As the energy we expend becomes less, it becomes harder to lose weight. The second reason is that by eating less we switch the body to ‘famine mode’. A body that stays without energy for a long time takes the food in the next meal and turns it into fat to be stored. In order not to experience these adverse effects, breakfast should be eaten within 1 hour after we wake up.

2- It reduces the risk of heart attack

In a study conducted by Harvard University specialists, it was determined that the risk of heart attack and heart disease is 27 percent higher in people who do not eat breakfast. The factors that cause heart attack are listed as blood pressure, insulin resistance, free fat acids and bad cholesterol which is called LDL and extending the period of hunger as a result of not eating breakfast leads to these conditions which lay the groundwork for heart attacks.

3- It strengthens memory and increases concentration

breakfast-345 studies that were conducted show that eating breakfast has such effects as providing concentration, preventing us from being distracted and strengthening memory. Eating breakfast provides the brain with energy to develop learning. Blood sugar being at a normal range regulates brain function. When breakfast is not eaten, the extended time of hunger causes the sugar level to drop to the lowest levels which causes the brain not to get enough glucose. This can cause a decrease in concentration and a drop in efficiency and productivity. In addition to these, releasing hormones like insulin, serotonin and cortisol also affect cognitive functions and when we don’t eat at the time we should be having breakfast, we disrupt the balance of these hormones.

4- Eating breakfast protects us from diabetes

In a study that was conducted at Harvard University in 2013, 46 thousand 289 women were observed and it was determined that women who ate breakfast were at less risk for type 2 diabetes. People who skip breakfast have higher glucose and insulin levels after eating a meal, and skipping breakfast disrupts insulin sensitivity. Also people who skip breakfast are more likely to get hungry frequently throughout the day and eat more. This generates an increased glucose and insulin response, that is to say, it damages the glucose metabolism. These disruptions can result in diabetes.

5- Eating breakfast provides energy throughout the day

breakfast-4Eating breakfast when we wake up and getting the energy we need helps us to feel physically and mentally better. People who do not eat breakfast feel tired, weak, have trouble concentrating and experience low blood sugar and sleeplessness throughout the day while people who eat breakfast are more energetic. Also, while people who skip breakfast tend to consume more high fat and sugar content foods, people who eat breakfast can control their appetites better.

What should a healthy breakfast be like? In order to get the maximum positive benefit from breakfast, avoid high fat content foods like pastries that make you hungry faster. Instead you can prefer a breakfast that includes whole grains, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives or walnuts. If you need a more practical breakfast, 1 glass of milk, cereals and 1 portion of fruit is a good choice.

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