8 “Myths” About Our Health

//8 “Myths” About Our Health


Lemon and grapefruit juice for high blood pressure and coffee for diarrhea!

Diabetes, blood pressure and asthma medications are addictive … Perspiring when we are sick is good for us… We should drink lemon water when our blood pressure goes up…  Almost all of us seek the advice of relatives instead of going to a doctor when we are ill. But it is important not to practice such hearsay but rather to seek a doctor’s advice when we are feeling unwell because these types of ‘wrongs’ which are thought to be ‘right’ concerning our health, can cause us to be late in getting treatment and even have serious consequences to our health. What are the actual facts for these myths? Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ahmet Uslu from the Family Hospital, listed the ‘rights’ to all of the ‘wrong’ information that has been instilled in our society about health.

1. WRONG: Butter is not harmful, you can eat as much as you want: I prefer to cook all of my food with butter because it is tasty and healthy. I am sure you have heard this from many people. Contrary to what people think, despite having nutrition value, the probability of butter causing hardened arteries is high due to the volume of heavy chained and saturated fat content. Therefore frequent or excessive consumption can have a negative effect on heart health.

2. WRONG: Insulin, blood pressure, asthma and other medications are addictive: Diabetes, blood pressure and heart medications are not addictive. This group of medications usually requires long term or even lifetime use. In any case the regular use of these medications is necessary to prevent the adverse effects of the disease.

vitamin-mineral 3. WRONG: Taking vitamin and mineral supplements reinforces the immune system against illnesses and prevents diseases: That these types of supplements prevent infectious diseases is only an urban legend. They do not provide vitality or energy. When vitamins and minerals are the subject of concern it may sometimes be necessary to take them (like in some systemic diseases, congenital situations, malnutrition, etc.). However if you are getting a regular and balanced diet and benefiting sufficiently from the sun it is not likely that you have a vitamin deficiency.

4. WRONG: When we are sick we should dress warmly and cover ourselves so we can perspire: Contrary to this habit, which is practiced frequently when we have colds, flu or illnesses with a fever and thought to shorten the recovery time, patients should take a warm shower and rest without too many layers if they have a fever. Also if the patient perspires a lot it is very important that they frequently change to dry clothes. Wearing too much clothing can increase the fever and cause the patient to become exhausted.

5. WRONG: It is good for you to drink coffee with lemon squeezed in it or cola when you have diarrhea: While there are different reasons and different treatments for diarrhea the basic approach is the same. The patient must replace the fluids they have lost with new fluids. Neither lemon and coffee nor cola have any effect on recovering from diarrhea whether the cause is infectious or food poisoning related. Diarrhea related to food poisoning typically does not last more than 2 days anyway. In infectious situations antibiotics can sometimes be necessary but not usually.

garlic 6. WRONG: Garlic, lemon and grapefruit lower blood pressure: In large scale studies that have been done on this subject it has not been observed that these foods cause a significant drop in blood pressure. For people who consume these foods when their blood pressure rises and believe it will help, it can be said that the psychological relief may cause the hormones that are causing the blood pressure increase to be excreted a little less causing a small drop. But this is not effective in serious blood pressure diseases and can never take the place of medication. Even more importantly, if cholesterol or blood pressure medications are being taken this could cause other problems.

cold 7. WRONG: You need to use antibiotics for colds and flu: Illnesses like colds and flu are caused by organisms called viruses. Since these organisms are not bacteria they cannot be eliminated with antibacterial medications. However the use of antibiotics, which should be used in microbial situations, in a random manner, causes microbes to develop resistance to these medications. This can cause antibiotics to become ineffective in situations when they are really needed.

8. WRONG: Placing cups, sticking on slugs and similar practices are good for a number of diseases: When hygiene and health rules are not followed in these types of practices there can be serious health consequences. Removing contaminated blood from the body is a figment of the imagination. When you have a cut or a scratch blood comes out plainly as blood, it is not filtered and purified from toxic substances. Humans have developed and continue to develop technologies to clean contaminated blood in the body like heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, etc.

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