An agreement with the scope of introducing 300 million people to Acıbadem’s quality in healthcare services

Acıbadem Healthcare Group and Global Benefits Group, one of the titans of insurance in the world, broke new ground by entering into a new cooperation agreement which will serve as a model for the whole world. Through the cooperation agreement, which became official with a signature ceremony attended by Acıbadem Healthcare Group Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar and GBG Regional Vice President Thomas Sauer, it will be possible for at least 300 million people living in CIS, Eastern Europe and Balkan countries to have access to high-quality treatment. The most striking aspect to this agreement is the preparation of a policy for procurement of services solely from Acıbadem Healthcare Group hospitals, which is a first in the insurance sector.

_ec_4302Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which has become the leading healthcare group in Turkey and a part of the world’s second largest healthcare group in the world by means of the services it provides with a total of 21 hospitals and 17 medical centers in five countries, has entered into yet another colossal collaboration. The new healthcare policy to be implemented for the first time in the world through the cooperation with Global Benefit Group (GBG), an insurance and reinsurance company headquarter based in the US and operating in more than 120 countries with an experience of 36 years in the international insurance sector, has brought a breath of fresh air to the insurance sector.

A first in the insurance sector

_ec_4361The first of the remarkable aspects of the new policy to be offered by GBG is that the healthcare services to be provided abroad will only be receivable from Acıbadem Healthcare Group hospitals. A healthcare policy with a scope limited to services from a single group of hospitals is a first in the world insurance sector! In this regard, the agreement draws attention by being a symbol of the trust placed in Acıbadem on the international platform. Furthermore, the health insurance service which will be offered to people in a geographically extensive area including the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, will, in the long run, also be made accessible to people in the Middle East and North Africa. The insurance policy created through collaboration of two sector titans will first be available in Georgia and Kazakhstan, and these two countries will be followed by Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates and Mongolia.
People who are covered by this health policy, which will be issued for both individuals and groups, will be able to receive healthcare services from all Acıbadem hospitals, both the ones in their own countries and the ones in other countries. Furthermore, group policies will cover preexisting diseases as well as the diseases that develop after issuance of the policy.

Acıbadem, reliable both nationally and internationally

Acıbadem Healthcare Group Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar, who attended the signature ceremony at Acıbadem on Tuesday, November 29th in 2016, made a speech during the ceremony and said, “This cooperation agreement between Acıbadem Healthcare Group and GBG will be addressing a great need for people in surrounding countries who are left to nothing but inadequate healthcare services. Acıbadem is an institution which offers first class services to patients from various countries of the world with hospitals in a total of 5 countries, including Turkey. This agreement will make it possible for even a higher number of patients from neighboring countries to be introduced to the services of Acıbadem”. Remarking on the fact that Turkey is a rising star in international health tourism and that Acıbadem has been serving a great number of foreign patients, Mehmet Ali Aydınlar stated that the agreement would bring even more foreign patients to Turkey.
GBG Regional Vice President Thomas Sauer, on the other hand, remarked that the collaboration was based on the reliability and extensive service network of Acıbadem Healthcare Group and said, “This new service includes countries in which healthcare services are inadequate. The new health policy, which was developed for cases where people are faced with difficulties due to high treatment costs, will ensure for patients to receive high-quality healthcare services at affordable prices. This product will help patients to benefit from specialized Acıbadem Healthcare Group Services under the guarantee of GBG”.
Sauer, who noted that the healthcare services in the surrounding countries with high populations were unsatisfactory and that the purchasing power of people living in such countries was low, stated that the new policy at hand was developed to bring hope to over 300 million people in an area which is very extensive geographically.

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