A Gift Of Second Life For Twins

//A Gift Of Second Life For Twins

Parents having the inutterable happiness for giving ‘a gift of second life’ to their twins. They feel the meaning of organ transplantation so deeply! Nothing can be compared to their twins coming back to life one year in a row thanks to the kidneys of their parents and the glitter appearing in the eyes of the twins again. They keep saying ‘To make the young children hold on to life we recommend the organ transplantation to everybody with our hearts and souls’. Dr Ercüment Gürlüler, the general surgeon and the responsible physician for kidney transplantation in Atakent Hospital of Acıbadem University draws the attention to the significance of both organ transplantation and the laparoscopic technique to perform the transplantation. Now you will read the story of these twins who came back to life with the kidneys of their parents…

The family consulted several hospitals day and night, in the summer and in the winter, in the rain and in the shine. The twins were diagnosed with renal insufficiency. On top of that one them had skewing legs due to calciumc deficiency whereas the other one could not play football anymore which used to be his favorite game and could not go to school as frequently as he did. The parents were so upset to see their beloved ones having troubles that are too much for their age and they were looking for a cure. Last year they immediately took an action when they found out that they can bring their twins back to life with ‘kidney transplantation’. Firstly, one of the twins had a kidney transplantation in the health center in Istanbul. Afterwards the second twin had the same in Atakent Hospital of Acıbadem University.

Mother gave her kidney to her daughter, father gave his kidney to his son

Giving their kidneys to their children, the parents gave them a second gift of life. The family draws the attention to organ transplantation with their words ‘If there are other families at the same situation, they should not lose time looking for medicines, antibiotics, x-rays, chemicals in the hospitals. None of these help. They should look for an organ transplantation as soon as possible to give a healthy life to their children’ and they also mention that they donated all their organs. Now one of the twins dream about going back to those green fields and becoming a football player; the other one dreams about studying pediatric development while both enjoy coming back to life with the kidneys of their parents. Now they look after their 5 year old sibling. Having deeply understood the meaning of organ transplantation at such an early age, they recommend to everyone to donate organs.

The biggest problem is the very low number of cadaver donations!

Dr Ercüment Gürlüler, the general surgeon and the responsible physician for kidney transplantation in Atakent Hospital of Acıbadem University, who leads the the team performing the kidney transplantation says; ‘One of the major problems in our country is the fact that the dialysis patients cannot find new kidneys from cadavers. Although the number of organ donation from cadavers is very high in the World, even the number cadaver donation itself is very low in our country. Therefore, the family members are donating their organs for their relatives as living donors. The twins will probably continue their lives without having a serious problem as they did not have dialysis and they directly had organ transplantation. Dialysis only remove the poisonous substances from the blood, it does not eliminate the resulting damage. It does never substitutes for a kidney transplantation.’

The closed technique has big advantages

Dr Ercüment Gürlüler, the leader of the team which succesfully performed the kidney transplantation states that the laparoscopic, in other words the closed technique has big advantages in the organ transplantation surgery and he adds, ‘The father is very young and has an active business life. Therefore, surgical operation should not have negative effects on his life in order that they can continue their life comfortably in future. Fort his reason we did a big job during and after the surgery making it possible for him to get back to daily life quickly.’ Hence, the father was discharged after 2 days and the son was discjarged after seven days from the hospital and they enjoy getting their social life back so quickly.

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