A parents, experiencing the inexplicable joy of giving life for the second time to their twins: İrem and Nedim Özdemir. They have such a deep understanding of  the importance of organ transplants! Their 15 year old twins, Büşra and Furkan, clinging back to life and a new spark in their eyes is worth everything, after receiving their parents’ kidneys in one year intervals. They say “we sincerely recommend organ donation to help young people cling to life” over and over. Acıbadem Atakent Hospital General Surgery Specialist and Doctor in Charge of Kidney Transplants, Dr. Ercüment Gürlüler, who performed Furkan’s kidney transplant, drew attention both to the importance of organ transplants and doing the transplant with laparoscopic surgery. Here is the story of the twins who were about to fade away at a very young age, but came back to life for a second time with their parents’ kidneys…

Only 6 Years Old

Times were tough for the Özdemir family. The illness of fraternal twins Büşra and Furkan appeared at age 6. They went to every hospital day and night, in the dead of winter, and in rain or shine. The twins were diagnosed with kidney failure. On top of this, Büşra started experiencing deformity in her legs because of calcium deficiency. Furkan became unable to play football, his favorite sport, and could not go to school. Büşra found herself struggling with brittle bones and kidney failure at a very young age. Their parents were very upset at the big problems facing their ‘babies’ at such a young age and were desperately trying to find a solution. Last year, when they found out that their children could be given another chance with a ‘kidney transplant’ they took action immediately. First a kidney was transplanted in Büşra at a center in Istanbul; then last month 15 year old Furkan received a kidney transplant at the Acibadem University Atakent Hospital.

The mother gave her daughter a kidney and the father gave his son a kidney

The mother gave her daughter a kidney and the father gave his son a kidney to give them a second chance. The Özdemir couple said “All mothers and fathers with children in the same situation should not waste time at hospitals for medicine, antibiotics, x-rays and chemicals. That makes no sense. They should get an organ transplant as soon as possible for their kids to be healthy” and drew attention to the importance of organ donations by saying they had donated all of their organs. While Furkan and Büşra were experiencing the joy of clinging back to life with the organs their parents donated, Furkan kept dreaming about going back to the pitch he loves so much and becoming a football player while Büşra dreamt about studying child development. The twins are also very happy to be older brother and sister to their little brother, 5 year old Harun. With the maturity of getting a deep understanding for the importance of organ donations at a very early age, the twins appeal to everyone to donate their organs.

The most serious problem: organs donated from cadavers are very few!

Acibadem Atakent Hospital General Surgery Specialist and Doctor in Charge of Kidney Transplants and head of the team that performed Furkan’s kidney transplant Dr. Ercüment Gürlüler said that one of the major problems in our country is that patients in dialysis are unable to find cadaver kidney donors. Dr. Ercüment Gürlüler, who explained that while cadaver donations are very common in the rest of the world, in comparison they are very rare in our country, therefore kidneys are usually taken from family members, said; “Since Büşra and Furkan got kidney transplants directly without going through dialysis they will probably be able to go on with their lives without any serious complications. Dialysis only removes toxins from blood but it does not eliminate the deterioration caused by this on the whole body. It can never take the place of a kidney transplant.”

The closed method is a great advantage

Dr. Ercüment Gürlüler, who led the team that successfully completed the kidney transplant, pointing out that the laparoscopic method in the donor operation provided a great advantage, added “The father, Nedim, is a very young person with an active professional life. In order for them to continue having a comfortable life after this the surgery needs not to have a negative impact on his life. Therefore, by using the laparoscopic method we were able to provide important benefits both during and after the operation to make sure he could return to his active lifestyle as soon as possible”. As a result the father was discharged in two days and Furkan was released in seven days from the hospital and both are now enjoying the ability to return to their social lives so quickly.

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