(Journalist, TV Producer, humanitarian activist)

My name is Andreea Violeta Banica, I’m from Romania and my activity in my country is in the television, media business and humanitarian area etc.  I’m travelling a lot around the world, I have a wide social activity with children, mothers, people in need, generally speaking, and I saw many hospitals around the globe, from USA to Europe, from  Africa to Asia. The reason I am writing to you is to congratulate your staff for everything you did for me as a patient. Especially, I want to emphasize the professionalism of the specialists from the International Relations Department and the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital’s staff. These people were the best I’ve ever met in a medical situation and during my 4 day stay in Istanbul, also. You have the best people working in your team and wonderful doctors!

Thank you and I will strongly recommend to my romanian friends to come to ACIBADEM.

All the best,

Andreea Marin Banica