Cosmetic Surgery For A Masculine Nose, The New Trend Among Men

//Cosmetic Surgery For A Masculine Nose, The New Trend Among Men

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Men do not want a tilted nose, they want a ‘masculine’ nose!

Just like women, men are now resorting to cosmetic surgery to benefit from the advantages of having an attractive face, both in their work life and in their intimate relationships. But according to experts men are pickier than women! What they fear most is ending up with a feminine looking nose…. So what kind of nose do men want? Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital ENT Specialist Dr. Yeliz Kantürk explained what men pay close attention to in cosmetic surgery on their nose.

Whenever cosmetic surgery was mentioned, up until a short time ago, everyone first thought of women… But now the situation is very different. Now men wish to attract attention just as much as women with cosmetic surgery. From hair implants to liposuction, one of the most popular type of cosmetic surgeries performed on a number of different parts of the body, is nose surgery. Beaked noses and noses with a saggy tip cause men to lose confidence. They are resorting to cosmetic surgery on their noses to have a more attractive face to use as an advantage in their professional and romantic lives. Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital ENT Specialist Dr. Yeliz Kantürk explained what men are cautious of in nose surgery.

Cosmetic surgery has evened out between men and women

Erkek Burun1In recent years cosmetic surgery on the nose has been in demand among men as much as among women. The outer appearance and being well groomed being more prominent that it was in the past has also increased the effects of appearance in the professional and private lives of people. This why the demand for cosmetic surgery has increased among men just as much as women. While only 10 percent of all nose cosmetic surgeries were performed on men in previous years this rate has gone up to nearly 50 percent at the present.

Having an aesthetically pleasing nose provides an advantage in social life

 Just like in women having a big nose, a beaked nose or a nose with a saggy tip lowers self confidence. Having an attractive face always provides an advantage in relationships and professional life and is a key to being successful in social life. The nose is an important organ because it is in the center of the face and helps to create facial expressions. Being a beaked nose or having an ugly appearance can cause problems for both men and women.

Men are pickier than women

Men are pickier than women when it comes to noses. What they fear most is ending up with a feminine nose. They do not want a nose that has a feminine quality to it. This is why specialists underline the importance of establishing good communication with the patient before the operation and deciding what kind of nose they want.

It is important to maintain the masculine appearance

Erkek Burun2 Kanser2The purpose of cosmetic surgery on the nose is different for men than for women. In operations performed on men the nose needs not to be made much smaller, the tip must not be tilted up too much, the bridge of the nose must not be too hollowed, it must go down straight and when necessary a slight bridge should be left to maintain the masculine look. While the angle between lip and nose is normally 105 on women the goal on men is to make this angle 90 degrees or in other words straight. Rather than changing the whole nose like women want, men usually want to change areas on the nose that bother them. As a result, taking into account the patient’s wishes, operations can be planned to only remove the beak or the sagging at the end.

Healthy and an aesthetically pleasing look

The purpose in cosmetic surgery is not just to correct the appearance but also to ensure a functional, breathing nose. It is necessary to beautify the inside as much as the outside of a nose. Sometimes people who go to the doctor complaining of a clogged nose end up having to have cosmetic surgery on their nose. Especially in patients with a nose on which the tip sags down, no matter how much the inside is corrected, they still cannot breath comfortable until the tip is lifted up. Also sometimes there is advanced curvature of the nose cartilage making it not suitable for a closed operation, the panels of the nose sinking and weakness in the side walls of the nose.

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