Do Not Invite The Pain!

//Do Not Invite The Pain!


Lower back and neck pain are a constant problem for office workers…

Long hours spent in front of the computer and bad posture sitting at a desk make neck, back and lower back pain unavoidable. Such complaints that make you say “Who doesn’t have pain” are especially a constant problem for office workers. Sitting in front of a screen with bad posture and staying in that position for hours without even realizing it, invites aches and pain caused by technology.  Acibadem Kozyatağı Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Metin Türkmen pointed out that neck, back and wrist pain are among the most common complaints of people who work on computers and added that long periods of immobility can cause circulation problems in the legs and if neck and back pain are not treated they could cause a number of different problems from calcification in the joints to chronic pain and even hernias. Prof. Dr. Türkmen explained 8 ways to protect yourself from pain caused by technology.

Sit up straight for your spine

back-and-neck-pain-2It is important that you sit with your back straight and your hips leaning against the back of your chair. How you sit is as important as the chair you sit on. Especially the ‘manager’s chair’, which despite all its fancy appearance, does not have any orthopedic feature therefore when you sit it forces you to sit forward which fails to support your lower back making it a very unhealthy position for your back. Acibadem Kozyatağı Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Türkmen said “If you have to sit in this type of chair make sure to fill the gap behind your lower back and sit straight with your feet touching the floor”.

Make sure the height of your chair is suitable to the length of your legs

You must know how to use an orthopedic chair if you are sitting on one. You need to adjust it according to the height of your legs. Your feet must touch the ground. The natural position is for your knees to be bent at a 90 degree angle while your feet are flat on the floor.

Do not lean over the table too much

One of the most common mistakes made by office workers is to get caught up in work and lean over their desk too much, almost completely hovering over the computer keyboard. Be sensible and put some distance between you and the desk. Try not to lean forward and keep this in mind at all times.

Don’t put the laptop on your lap

People who use laptops are always facing forward and down. Most people put laptops on their lap to work but this is not a correct position and can be very risky. The screen should be across from us at eye level. This is necessary to keep our head up straight so as not to put too much strain on the neck. If you make it a habit to always look forward and down you will not be able to avoid neck and back pain.

Select the right shoes

People who constantly work at a desk should also choose footwear carefully. These people put a strain on their knee and lower back joints without even noticing it, even when walking around a very short time. The heel can be elevated because of the shoes, forcing the lower back and knees to bend to tolerate this and causing strain. Shoes must not compress the toes from the top or the sides. The heel should fit into the shoe and be comfortable, there should be space in the toes so they are not compressed together and can move freely. Gaps in the sides also prevent the feet from being squeezed.

Walk around and go up and down stairs

back-and-neck-pain-3Sitting at a desk in front of a screen for long periods not only causes neck, lower back and back pain but can cause circulation problems. In order for blood to circulate from the lower extremities to the heart, the leg muscles need to function. Otherwise oedema in the wrists and legs, varicosis and even hemorrhoids can develop. This is why you should get up and walk around with the excuse to drink water or go to the bathroom if you have to, and do leg and wrist exercises and muscle stretching exercises from where you are sitting. The best thing to do is to get up and walk around frequently.

Do not neglect exercise

Prof. Dr. Türkmen, who emphasized how important it is to sit straight to keep the spine in good posture and how neck, back, chest and lower back muscles need to be strong in order to have good posture, added “Advanced technology has trapped people in offices. It is not possible for us to maintain muscle strength by sitting. We need to have daily exercise and dedicate at least three days a week to sports”.

Swimming is the best activity for aches and pain

Swimming is the best sport to help you overcome lower back, neck and back pain. Prof. Dr. Metin Türkmen said, “You should set aside two days a week for yourself to go swimming. In addition to the psychological soothing effect of water, the setting of homogenous resistance it creates is also very beneficial to your muscles. All of the muscles in your body are subjected to the same amount of pressure when submerged under water and you get less tired even though you use the same amount of energy you would have used in other sports outside of the water”.

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