Longer flights might cause bodily distress for passengers.

Changes in air pressure during flights can cause headaches, thirst, mouth and throat dryness.

That’s why you may need to consume to 2-2.5 liters of liquid during the flight.

You can compensate for it by drinking 1 cup of water, lemon water or unsweetened fruit juice per hour.

Caffeinated beverages, diuretic teas and alcoholic beverages are not recommended during the flight to avoid dehydration.

Water, unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices should be preferred instead.shutterstock_79175281

Besides air pressure related problems, edemas in the body due to limited movement during the flight is a common issue.One should drink plenty of water to avoid them and salty foods should not be eaten .

Doing stretching exercises increases blood circulation during the trip.

You should continue to consume liquids, pay attention to nutrition by eating less but often in order not to gain weight. In addition to all these suggestions, when you need a health consultation in Turkey you can access the new health assistant system Acibadem Health Point which provides free services 7/24.