Performance Anxiety Suspends Life

//Performance Anxiety Suspends Life


Hurts the ones who overcriticize themselves

Very talented people around us that we see in our daily lives may avoid their favourite tasks due to the fear of  ‘what if I fail’ , this condition is named ‘performance anxiety’. Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Psychiatry specialist Professor Dr. KülteginÖgel states that performance anxiety which affects stage performance of artists, examinations of students, interpersonal relationships of housewives, and men when it comes to sexuality, is observed more commonly in perfectionist personality types.

Undoubtedly none of us wants to experience a failure in life. However success cannot always be attained by working or wishing too much.The character of a person, the way he/she perceives life, the way of looking at life, the way of upbringing, conditions he/she is in are among the factors that affect success. This problem that can be seen in everyone, however occurs more commonly especially in people frequently dealing with important events. Acibadem Maslak Hospital Psychiatry Specialist Professor Kültegin Ögel describes performance anxiety as a feeling of anxiety that arises in conditions that require a performance, such as an examination, speaking with an authority, or an important event. During this time the person’s mind is full of questions including “Will I do it, will I succeed?”, and experiences problems with the fear “what if I cannot do?”


Professor Kültegin Ögel states that performance anxiety is social fobia’s sibling and they are often seen together. Dr. Ögel gives the following information:
“When it presents along with social phobia, the person needs to withdraw from the society. Performance anxiety without social phobia arises only during an activity. If the person cannot overcome this condition on his/her own, and this condition affects this person’s occupational or social life, then getting professional support is necessary. Self critism is more common in people with performance anxiety. They always seek for the better and the most beautiful. They see life as black and white. Therefore we can say that it is more common in perfectionists. If this condition negatively affects the person’s life and becomes continuous, it is considered as an illness. If the person says that he/she can get the job done despite feeling anxiety and is satisfied with the quality of what is done, then we do not accept it as an illness.”


Professor Kültegin Ögel states that there is no definite information on the frequency of the disease, and states the following on what should be done:
“The best treatment for performance anxiety is to experience it very frequently. Running away from the problem will not work, on the contrary it will increase the problem. Therefore the problem should be confronted. Some behavioral methods may be tried to decrease the problems experienced by the person. For example, to avoid looking at other people’s eyes while talking to a crowd and instead selecting one person and telling it to him/her. Pevention of physical symptoms such as palpitation will enable the emotional symptoms and anxiety. People experiencing performance anxiety may use drugs if they have physical symptoms. Drug treatment may be useful in people who are going through this condition constantly and severely.”

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