Acıbadem Hospitals bring you the best in Plastic Surgery in Turkey at affordable prices.
Consider the following;

Breast Augmentatio€ 3,000
Abdominoplasty€ 3.000
Rhinoplasty€ 2.500
Augmentation mammoplasty (bilateral, implants included)€ 3.000
Reduction mammoplasty (bilateral)€ 3.000
Breast Augmentation and lift€ 4.000
Breast Lift€ 3.000
Face Lift€ 3.000
Blepharoplasty Both€ 2.200
Blepharoplasty Only Lower or Upper€ 1.800
Liposuction 1 region€ 2.000
Liposuction 2-3 regions€ 2.500
Liposuction 5 regions€ 3.000
Self fat injection 1 zone€ 1.350
Hair Transplantation
2000-3500 graft€ 2.500
0-2000 graft€ 2.000

IMG_8101Aftercare is included within this price and we provide aftercare support in UK as well.

We help you to make a confident and well-informed decision by offering you CONSULTATIONS IN LONDON with your Surgeon. The next consultations will take place on Sunday, 12th and Monday, 13th of July at our clinic in North London (N13 5XQ).

For more information on procedures, prices and available appointments, please call; 020 7183 4310 or 07966 285663


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