Place of Birth: Samsun
Marital Status: Married
Language Skills: English
Specialty Focus: Urology


1974 – 1979 Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Urology Specialty

1968 – 1974 Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty


2010 – Present Acıbadem Healthcare Group

1997 – 2010 Florence Nightingale Hospitals, Chief of Urology Department

1992 – 1997 International Hospital, Chief of Urology Department

1985 – 1986 Scotland, Edinburgh University, Western General Hospital Honorary Registrar

1981 – 2008 Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of Urology

1979 – 1980 Erzincan Military Hospital, Urology Specialist

1974 – 1979 Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Urology Specialty


After working at “Western General Hospital” located in Edinburgh, Scotland for a period of 1 year in 1985, he assumed the title of associate professor. During his education in Scotland, he attended courses at “Institute of Urology” located in London particularly on endoscopic, namely closed prostate surgery, endoscopic urinary tract calculi surgery (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, Ureteroscopy).

He began to apply the first closed kidney stone surgeries in Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1986. During the same years, he also began to apply the closed surgery method called “TURP” in benign prostatic hyperplasia. Until today, he successfully carried out more than 3.000 TURP and in addition similar number of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy and Ureteroscopy surgeries.

Having assumed the title of professor in 1995, Prof. Ali Rıza Kural carried out the fist applications of Urologic Laparoscopy particularly in treatment of Kidney Cancer and Prostate Cancer in our country.

He carried out the first prostate cancer surgeries with Da Vinci robot. With more than 150 articles published in national and international reviews, Prof. Kural also wrote chapters of various books. Providing courses and training programs within Turkish Urology and Endourology Association, Prof. Kural is invited to ERUS (European Robotic Urological Symposium) and WRUS (World Robotic Urological Symposium) meetings organized every year.

With the Robotic Urologic Surgery Program started by him for the first time in Turkey in 2005, he successfully carried out more than 400 robotic radical prostatectomy surgeries, more than 60 robotic kidney surgeries and 10 robotic bladder surgeries until today.

Appointed as a member of the Board of European Robotic Surgery Society in January, 2010 and carrying on his studies on the international platform in this Board, Prof. Kural gave speeches and chaired sessions at many national and international robotic meetings. In addition, he is a member of the editorial board of “Journal of Robotic Surgery” review.


Endourological Association

Turkish Urology Association

European Robotic Surgery Society

European Urology Society

American Urology Society

Endourological Society

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