Recommendations for Mothers and Fathers on Summer Vacation

//Recommendations for Mothers and Fathers on Summer Vacation

Be flexible about your child’s schedule but don’t disrupt it

Although they may not act like it, children like order. This is why it is important to continue to provide your children with order during the summer vacation. When it comes to schedules, sleep and eating schedules get priority. Even though they no longer have to get up early to go to school it is important to only shift the schedule up by an hour and continue to have a regular sleep schedule. This way, when they go back to school in the fall they won’t have so much trouble adapting. Also a child who is used to getting up at a certain hour, eating at a certain hour and going to sleep at a certain hour has a better functioning metabolism and is therefore more resistant to illness.

Limit television

During the summer vacation, the thing kids like to do the most is watch cartoons on television. Pediatricians recommend that television be limited. During the summer vacation television should continue to be limited, albeit a little more flexibly, because a child’s spending too much time in front of the television can reduce their communication with their family and friends and restrict their imagination. This is why limiting this time is beneficial for the child.

Take precautions against summer diseases

Viral infections increase in seasonal transitions. Viral infections are mainly upper respiratory infections and diarrhea. Another factor that contributes to increased illness in season changes is clothing selection. Perspiring or becoming too cold can be avoided by dressing children in thin but multiple layers. Then if the weather is good layers can be taken off or added if the weather deteriorates. Also, regardless of age group, drinking water is important. Intake of liquids is very important in terms of handling infections and sustaining the metabolism. When stuffy noses or symptoms of an upper respiratory illness do not subside after 15 days this can indicate an allergy. Parents should seek medical help if they encounter this situation. The importance of hygiene is a constant that does not change with seasons. Children need to be reminded of hygiene rules frequently during the holidays.

Trust in grandparents

Parents whose children can spend time with their grandparents are very lucky. Although grandparents spoiling their grandchildren and demolishing the rules that their parents establish is a frequent problem, especially in our country, it is important to remember children need them too. Nothing can take the place of the love that grandparents have for their grandchildren. Of course this should not cover the whole summer vacation. Otherwise it may be difficult for the child to adapt to school again.

Be Careful About Time Spent Under the Sun

It is very important to protect kids from the sun in the summer time. It is not recommended for children to be under the sun between 10 am and 3 pm. During these hours when the sun is most direct and at its hottest, children can even be affected in the shade. Therefore not just being under the sun but going outside anywhere is considered subjecting them to sun. Hats should always be worn. Children should wear a cotton hat that won’t make them perspire and at least 15 proof good quality sunscreen. Since sun rays can also be effective by reflection these precautions should be taken even if they are in the shade. It is also important not to neglect the eyes in this situation. UV filtered sunglasses protect children’s eyes.

Do not turn vacation into a time for toilet training!

In the old days vacation time was viewed as an ideal time to leave behind the diaper and get toilet trained, but now this method is not accepted, because there is no concept called toilet training. You cannot make a child walk or make a baby talk with training if they are not yet able to. These skills are gained completely in connection with the development process of the muscular and nervous system as well as the brain. Forcing a child, who has not yet completed the development necessary for toilet control, to go through toilet training in the summer vacation is wrong. Constantly asking the child if they have to go to the bathroom can cause unnecessary stress for the child. The child can become constipated from trying to hold their bowel movement which can lead to a chronic constipation problem. It is important to observe the child. If the child wakes up with a dry diaper and shows interest in sitting on the toilet, then you should proceed with toilet training.

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