Take Precautions In Advance For A Comfortable Pregnancy

//Take Precautions In Advance For A Comfortable Pregnancy


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Even though pregnancy as a physiological process is predictable, many changes occur in the body. In about 5-20 percent of pregnancies, serious circumstances that threaten the life of the mother and/or the baby may occur. For example; blood pressure rising during pregnancy resulting in premature birth or developmental problems in the baby. Fortunately there is also good news should relieve prospective mothers. Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital Gynecology, Obstetrics and Perinatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Özlem Pata drew attention to the fact that detailed exams and tests can detect adversities early on in pregnancy added, “ In order to have a healthy pregnancy it is very important for a woman who is considering getting pregnant to go to a doctor 3 months in advance. During this period the possibility of many health problems like diabetes and hypertension that could pose a risk to the mother, are investigated and if necessary, a treatment is started. A measles vaccination can also be administered and folic acid supplements can be administered. All of these can help prevent dangers that pose a risk to both the mother’s and the baby’s health”.


  1. 5654657 (7)Keep your ideal weight: If the prospective mother’s body mass index (calculated by dividing weight by height squared) is under 20 they are thin, and over 35 is considered to be a health risk (overweight). In either case significant problems can develop for both the health of the mother and baby. This is why you should achieve your ideal weight when you decide to get pregnant and it is also important to eat a balanced diet to build up your body’s mineral, vitamin and protein storages. During pregnancy you should gain weight according to your body mass index. For example if you are thin you are recommended to gain 12-14 kilos and if you are on the heavy side, 4-7 kilos is recommended.
  2. Protect yourself from infections Measles contracted during pregnancy, infections like toxoplasmosis and chicken pox cause infections and anomalies in the baby. 5654657 (6)This is why you should get vaccinated for measles before pregnancy if you are not immunized. Also don’t forget to get flu shots at the right time as some types of flu can be severe. Other than these, urinary tract infections can affect kidneys in the short term and cause kidney infections. If bacteria is observed in urine tests and there is reproduction in culture and you have complaints of burning during urination, it is very important that you see your doctor.
  3. Measure your blood pressure: Even if there is no incidence of hypertension before pregnancy it can develop especially after week 20. Both the baby and the mother can be at risk as a result. If you have complaints like severe headaches, sudden weight gain and eye floaters, don’t forget that you should see a doctor immediately.
  4. Take precautions against diabetes: Diabetes can cause miscarriages, congenital defects in babies and premature birth. In order to have a healthy pregnancy you should see your doctor if you have diabetes and you are thinking about having a baby. Do not forget that you need to get pregnant when your blood sugar and HbA1C is at an optimal level. Situations that cause a tendency towards diabetes can also occur and diabetes can develop during pregnancy. This is why you should eat a balanced diet, watch your weight gain and take a sugar loading test according to your doctor’s recommendations.
  5. Do not stay on your feet for long periods

During pregnancy, tendency towards blood clots increases. If you have single sided swelling in your legs, hot spots, redness or pain, remember this could be an emboli that could even threaten your life. For a healthy pregnancy try not to stay on your feet too much, do your daily exercises and beware of your fluid intake. If you have varicose veins make sure to wear your varicose stockings. Do not sit continuously during long trips and try to walk around every 2 hours.

  1. Don’t even think about cigarettes and alcohol5654657 (1)

Smoking can cause premature birth as well as restrict the growth of your baby. Also sudden death syndrome or early placenta separation are observed more commonly in pregnant women who smoke. In women who continue to consume alcohol throughout their pregnancy, a typical condition called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can occur, which limit a baby’s development and can have a negative impact on brain development. Therefore if you have drinking or smoking habits, you must quit before pregnancy.

  1. Do not use random medicines

5654657 (8)There are a lot of medicines that have not yet been proven to be safe during pregnancy. Many medicines that seem innocent to you may cause abnormalities in the baby. Therefore if the time of your period has come but you have not started to menstruate, you should consult your doctor for any medicine you are going to take. If there is any uncertainty about your menstruation date and a radiological test has been asked, make sure to share this with your doctor.

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