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Non-invasive brain tumor treatment

Used for non-invasive treatment of brain tumors, Gamma Knife Icon is acknowledged as the golden standard in radiosurgery. Facilitating intervention on areas of the brain that are difficult to access through conventional surgery, Gamma Knife Icon has minimal side effects. Moreover, precisely focused low dose radiation minimizes possible damage to healthy brain tissues. Gamma Knife Icon therapy, which does not require general anesthesia, is completed within several hours and patients may return home on the same day.

Other techniques report their efficacy by comparing themselves with GammaKnife. GammaKnife is viewed as the gold standard of radiosurgery.


The advanced technology GammaKnife procedure makes it possible to treat brain tumors in a bloodless and painless fashion without open surgery so that the patient can return home the same day.
The term radiosurgery was introduced to the world of medicine by the Swiss brain surgeon Lars Leksell and refers to the process of directing numerous low-energy radioactive beams that do not damage brain tissue to the diseased area in the skull and alter the tissue by focusing on the diseased spot and releasing a strong dose of radiation only at this spot.

What is GammaKnife?
GammaKnife, a radiosurgery technique, was first used in 1968. In the beginning, it was employed in very few centers around the world, but as its therapeutic benefits were confirmed, its sphere of use widened. Today, GammaKnife is being used in about 300 centers around the world. According to statistics from 2012, approximately 600,000 patients with a variety of brain diseases have been treated with GammaKnife. There is no other device in this field that can approach the precision of GammaKnife and has helped this many people.

GammaKnife Perfexion, the new state-of-the-art model from GammaKnife, which is characterized as the gold standard in Radiosurgery, shortens the treatment process for brain tumors painlessly and without open surgery, offering the patient convenience and comfort. Its advanced computer program helps specialists in treatment planning.

The advantages of GammaKnife treatment
It can eliminate the need for open surgery on many brain tumors
There few adverse effects following the procedure
It does not require general anesthesia
The patient can return to their home the day the treatment is performed
There is no recovery period
There is no incision on the scalp or head
Hair does not have to be cut and does not fall out
Tremendous benefit with little discomfort
Ability to return to work quickly
Less expensive than some surgical procedures
Healthy brain tissue is exposed to very little radiation