The 2nd Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Workshop

//The 2nd Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Workshop


Turkish and Egyptian doctors discussed the future of children’s heart health

The second Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery workshop was held in Istanbul this year. The symposium hosted by Acibadem University Cardiovascular Surgery Department President Prof. Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu was attended by a number of heart specialists from Egypt and Turkey.   

The specialists, who attended the Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery workshop, discussed children’s heart health. At the meeting the work that has been done in the scope of cooperation between the Acibadem University Medical Faculty, the Egypt Cairo University and the Turkish-Egyptian Medical Association since 2011 and plans for the future were discussed.  Many different topics from congenital heart diseases to the use of robotics in heart surgery on children were discussed in the workshop directed by Prof. Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu, Prof.Dr. Zainab Salah and Prof. Dr. Magdy MK Mahmoud. All of the surgeons and cardiologists who participated in the symposium shared the developments in their own fields.

“We have operated on 200 Egyptian children”

“They prefer us to England and Germany”

Another important agenda discussed at the workshop was why Egyptian children are coming to Turkey and the conveniences provided to them. After the Turkish-Egyptian Medical Association cooperation, for which Prof. Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu is the honorary chairman, was established in 2011 about 200 pediatric heart disease patients from Egypt were treated within the Acibadem Healthcare Group and regained their health.  Prof. Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu, who pointed out that many children with heart disease come to Turkey from countries like Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in addition to Egypt, said “In the past the patients that could not be treated in these countries were sent to other European Countries like England and Germany. But now with the medical advancements and success rates in our operations, Turkey has become a more preferred location. In fact when we consider that these cases are often the second or even third operation for these children, the success that is achieved is even more meaningful. At this meeting we had the opportunity to examine in detail what needs to be done to treat pediatric heart diseases in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries at the highest level“.

Our cooperation will go even further with the training we have planned

What needs to be done to carry this medical cooperation between Turkey and Egypt further forward was also discussed at the workshop. Prof. Dr. Zainab Salah, who explained that they were working on a training program that could be attended by both Turkish and Egyptian doctors in the coming years, said: ”In the early days of this cooperation that we started in 2011 we were not able to access most of the patients. It is very pleasing that we have been able to reach this point in only 5 years. Prof. Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu is a well known doctor in Egypt now for the operations he has accomplished. We are working on a new training program for the coming years. When this plan is realized, nurses and doctors from both Turkey and Egypt will be able to get training together”.

Information will be passed on to newer generations

Prof. Dr.Magdy MK Mahmoud, who pointed out that this cooperation is beyond patients coming and going, added “These kinds of workshops being held enable information to be exchanged more easily and is very beneficial to us. Another important task that we need to undertake now is to carry this cooperation forward to next generations. Otherwise it will be hard for us to achieve continuity”.

“Everything is reassuring from the medical success to social services” 

Ain Shams University Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Alya Kotby, who pointed out that children with complicated congenital heart disorders in particular come to Turkey for operations, added “The success rate of operations is one of the most important factors in patients preferring Turkey. Also the social services that patients begin receiving the minute they get off the plane is quite impressive. Presently most of the pediatric patients requiring heart surgery in our country are choosing Turkey”. The event, which was sponsored by foundations like the Children’s Heart Foundation of Turkey, Upper Egypt Pediatric Association and the Congenital Heart Diseases Foundation of Egypt, served to clarify the answers to many questions. The first workshop, which brought together Egyptian and Turkish cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, was organized in Cairo last year.

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