The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting

//The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting

The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting takes place at Acibadem Adana Hospital with the participation of specialist doctors from seven countries


The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting Takes Place at Acibadem Adana Hospital with the Participation of Specialist Doctors from Seven Countries

The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology meeting organized for the purpose of establishing consensus on bone marrow transplants in Turkey and how the transplant is performed, treatment methods, success rates and transplant types within the Acibadem group, took place at Acibadem Adana Hospital, with the participation of specialist doctors from seven different countries.

Among the foreign participants, Hematology Specialist from Iraq, Dr. Kawa Mohammed Amin stated that due to the internal conflicts in Iraq medicine had regressed and they especially had device deficiencies. Voicing his concerns about the effects of war, Dr. Amin emphasized that they needed to cooperate more with doctors in Turkey and the Acibadem Group to provide better services to the patients in Iraq.

DSC_1162Hematology Specialist from Uzbekistan, Dr. Eldor Ishakov drew attention to the fact that the field of hematology was constantly developing and renewing. Ishakov, who underlined that such international medical meetings like this one organized by the Acibadem Group were effective, said “Each doctor is obliged to think of his/her own patient. We try to the best of our ability to help these patients. Currently we do not have halogenic transplants in our country with the aid of the Uzbekistan government we will be opening a halogenic transplant center. These types of meetings are important both for the development of medicine and the personal development of doctors”.

Acibadem Adana Hospital Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Bülent Antmen said this event was organized once a year and added “Our purpose is to provide support for enabling bone marrow transplants that cannot be done in other countries to be done here and to contribute to the economy by inviting foreign patients to our country for treatment”.

Prof. Dr. Antmen, who pointed out that detailed transplants could not be done in many countries like Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Uzbekistan and Iraq said, “This is why we are needed. We can transfer knowledge. We discuss cases by patient and make the right decisions together then we meet with the ministries of health in the concerned countries and accept patients. We have a patient from Bosnia who has just had a bone marrow transplant. We also have a Bulgarian patient awaiting a transplant”.

DSC_1155Prof. Dr. Antmen pointed out that Turkey is at a fortunate location in terms of its strategic importance in the Middle East, but due to the internal wars in recent years the sector had been disrupted. Antment concluded his speech by pointing out that despite these conflicts Turkey has become a preferred destination with its affordable prices compared to western countries adding:

“If there were not such bad conditions in the countries surrounding us, a great leap in health tourism numbers would have been unavoidable. We are very fortunate with our health system, talent, experience and knowledge. If we are able to overcome these conditions soon Turkey will have gained a lot of resources. We must always be tuned into our neighboring countries”.

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