The News Comes in Just One Week: “A Kidney Has Been Found”

//The News Comes in Just One Week: “A Kidney Has Been Found”

They thought they were going to wait for a new kidney for years


ALİ BÖLÜ-PROF.DR.İBRAHİM BERBER-ÖZCAN KARAMANÖzcan Karaman and Ali Börü were just two among thousands of people waiting for organs. A kidney transplant was their sole chance to have a healthy life. They were added to the cadaver list thinking “maybe one day”. They had little hope that a kidney would be found just for them among the thousands of people waiting for organs. But their lives changes in just a few weeks. They went to the hospital after getting a call with the news, and left the hospital with kidney disease completely behind them. Here is the amazing story of Karaman and Börü…

We hear and read about many stories on the lives that are saved when relatives donate the organs of their loved ones once they are declared not to have any brain function (cadaver organs). Since organ donation is still relatively low in our country and the patients needing organs are continuously on the rise, while the number of organs that are donated are not enough to keep up with the demand. In fact, there are about 22 thousand patients among the 60 thousand patients living dependent on dialysis due to kidney failure, who are on the cadaver organ list in Turkey and anxiously awaiting the news that “a kidney has been found”. In fact only 350-400 people actually get to hear this news. Over 21 thousand patients continue to wait with hope. But sometimes life holds pleasant surprises. The story of Ali Börü and Özcan Karaman is quite amazing this way…

When the kidney he gets from his mother fails…

ÖZCAN KARAMANÖzcan Karaman’s dialysis story starts with his mother’s liver. He lived a healthy life from 2002 when he received a live transplanted kidney from his mother, until 2013. But that year he got the bad news that made him lose hope. The doctor told him he needed a new kidney because the one that was transplanted had also failed. The whole treatment process went back to square one and he went back on the dialysis treatment. In the meantime he was added to the cadaver organ list with a small glimmer of hope.

Exactly a week later, the news came from Acibadem International Hospital that a kidney match had been found for Özcan Karaman. “I couldn’t believe it” he says “It was a complete surprise for me”. Karaman, who said that he literally came back to life with the operation, that the water, fruit and vegetable restrictions he had during dialysis had been completely revoked, and as long as he took care of himself he had just taken his first steps into an independent life. He said to other patients waiting for organs “They should not lose hope. Even if you have to be on dialysis, life goes on. They should definitely get their name on the cadaver list”.

From ninth candidate to the first place…

Ali Börü, who lives in Çorum and had a kidney failure at a young age because both of his kidneys were too small at birth, started dialysis in 2009. His mother, who volunteered to give him her kidney, was not a match. Then his father volunteered to give his kidney and they were overjoyed to find out that his blood group matched. But when tests were run for the live transplant, the painful truth was discovered: His father also had kidney disease and could not be a donor! The only hope left for Ali Börü was to get his name on the cadaver organ list…

Two weeks after being added to the cadaver list Ali Börü received a call from Acibadem International with the first glimmer of hope but he was ninth on the list… Maybe this is when luck decided to smile on Ali Börü, because the patients on the list before him had infection problems or did not show up, so that precious kidney enabled Ali Börü to embrace life.

Ali Börü, who still has trouble believing he has a new kidney sometimes, has a life as full as the phrase “I can do anything.” His father said “It was a miracle, luck smiled on Ali”. The donated organ, which allowed Ali Börü to start a new period of his life that went from being a dialysis patient with a very restricted life for years to a person without even a headache, is precious to him and he speaks of it with gratitude.

‘The principle is to transplant from a cadaver’ and the Spain example

PRF. DR. İBRAHİM BERBERAcibadem International Organ Transplant Center Chairman Prof. Dr. İbrahim Berber, from whom we got information on behalf of all the patients out there like Ali Börü and Özcan Karaman, who are waiting for new life with a new organ, said getting a cadaver organ is basically luck. He pointed out that the names added to the cadaver organ waiting list at organ transplant centers are recorded on the National Coordination Center in the Ministry of Health, and when an organ donation becomes available the awaiting patients in that area are put in order based on tissue match, blood group match, age, etc. parameters and the information is forwarded to the concerning organ transplant center.

Prof Dr. Berber, who pointed out that it is the principle to transplant organs from clinically dead cadavers rather than live donor with no diseases, said that Spain is number one in organ donations with 35 cadaver donations for every one million people. He reminded us that this figure is only 5 in Turkey and emphasized that more organ donations are needed.

A matching kidney is being sought!

Due to the need for many parameters like blood group, tissue, age and weight to match the waiting period can take up to months and even years for a kidney transplant and sometimes patients even die before they can find a match.

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