The Psychology After Transplantation

//The Psychology After Transplantation

The life after the transplantation is a period where a lot of emotions are experienced all together. Several problems due to the renal insufficiency have been over. However, sometimes people feel empty during this period although it is full of happiness too. The patient should not worry about the emotional changes arising after going back home and should know that the psychology will be back to normal approximately one month after the operation. However, the fact that the problems which have been experienced chronically for years suddenly disappear means a new life style. Therefore, people who are not well-prepared for this period may feel unhappy and depressed. The patient should know that this is temporary and seek for an expert support if this unhappiness lasts longer.

The patient might start doing light exercises to overcome this period smoothly. Furthermore, the hobbies which would not be harmfull for the health also support the mental health of the patient. Activities like reading a book, watching a movie, doing handcraft as well as activities which can be performed by a desk without spending too much effort helps keeping the patient busy and making him/her feeling good. The person can go back to work and social life in a completely healthy state 3 months after the operation.

Regular clinical controls are performed in order to observe the kidneys of the donor and the recipient after the operation.

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