The Top 10 Foods For An Energetic Spring

//The Top 10 Foods For An Energetic Spring

These foods are the best when you are feeling tired!

The Top 10 Foods For An Energetic Spring

04042016 Oya Yüksek__With the arrival of spring and the rise in temperatures, changes occur in our metabolism and hormones. The results of this change are generally felt as weakness, exhaustion, muscle cramps, unhappiness and desire to sleep. When we wake up in the morning, our feeling of wellness is achieved through a balanced digestive system and blood sugar. Balanced blood sugar makes us feel good and stay full. This is important in terms of feeling energetic. Also vitamin and mineral deficiencies can make us feel tired. When these deficiencies are compensated for and the tank is full we feel much better both mentally and physically. So in order to have an energetic spring we need to make sure some foods are never absent from the dinner table, and we need to make sure and consume enough of these. Acibadem Ataşehir Surgical Medical Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Oya Yüksek explained the 10 foods we should consume on a regular basis to get through the spring in good form.

04042016 (2)Kiwi

Kiwi is fruit that is rich in vitamin C. One kiwi in the morning or during the day gives you energy and invigorates your metabolism. Especially when consumed with sources of iron kiwi increases iron absorption. For example, eating kiwi with an egg.

04042016 (3)Carrots

Carrot is a good source of vitamin A. The boosting effect that carrots have on the immune system help relieve exhaustion during the day. You can consume one a day in salads. Consume carrots with fat to make sure your body uses the vitamin A better. However, be careful not to eat too much, as it will increase your blood sugar.

04042016 (4)Pears

Pears have plenty of vitamin A, C and K. They are effective antioxidants thanks to vitamin C. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Oya Yüksek explained that the protective effect of the immune system gives the body energy. Additionally, pears are effective in maintaining blood sugar balance. One pear a day is a good way to have an energetic spring.


Parsley is a food rich in vitamins and fortifies the body’s immune system like arugula and dill. A strong immune system will help you overcome spring exhaustion more easily. Its ability to help reduce edema prevents the feeling of heaviness. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Oya Yüksek says as much as the body can be relieved of edema, it will feel that much more energetic. If you wish, you can consume parsley in juice form or in salads or you can consume it at breakfast time. You can add arugula and dill to salads every day.

04042016 (5)Nuts

Walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E. The most important function of vitamin E in the body is its antioxidant feature. Thus it takes on an important role in the protection of the immune system. It is beneficial to consume 2 whole walnuts or 10 almonds or 6-7 hazelnuts per day.

04042016 (6)Yogurt

This food contains probiotics, which are the beneficial bacteria in our bodies. Yogurt fortifies intestine flora to boost the immune system. Also yogurt’s ability to keep us feeing full helps to regulate blood sugar. This helps us to feel energetic throughout the day. Make sure to consume 1-2 bowls of yogurt every day. Depending on how much milk you consume, you can increase this by 1 more bowl.

Red Meat

Complaints of weakness and exhaustion increase when there is a question of vitamin and iron deficiency. Red meat is important both for getting iron and vitamin B12. Make sure to have red meat at your table 2-3 times a week.


Oatmeal is important both in terms of regulating blood sugar and removing toxins. Balanced blood sugar and intestines that function regularly make a person feel more energetic. Oatmeal can be eaten in the morning 3-4 times a week or as a snack mixed with milk or yogurt.

04042016 (9)Spinach

This food is rich in both magnesium and iron. Spinach makes the body more resistant. It is also effective in removing edema from the body. Do not neglect to eat spinach 2 times a week.

04042016 (10)Green tea

Green tea is rich in flavonoids called catechin. The antioxidant features of green tea catechin are effective against exhaustion. It is beneficial to drink no more than 1 cup a day. However if you have blood pressure problems you should avoid green tea.

 You must drink plenty of water!

When the temperature rises in the spring season, our bodies lose fluid. If we do not drink enough water, we may be inflicted with spring syndrome including weakness, exhaustion, lazy digestion and muscle cramps. So in order to have an energetic spring, we first need to compensate for our body’s fluid loss. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Oya Yüksek says that we need to be careful to drink at least 2 liters of water a day without waiting to feel thirsty.

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