They shared a liver, now it’s time for a life!

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They shared a liver, now it’s time for a life!

Andrijana was suffering from a disease: liver failure. After the diagnosis and some research, she and her family found the biggest faith in ACIBADEM University Atakent Hospital. Then, the journey for hope began, from Montenegro to Turkey. With Professor Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu and his medical team’s advisory some critical tests were run for Andrija’s sister. After the affirmative results, the sister’s first impression made everybody speechless. “I’d even give my heart for my sister’s sake…”

Ivana Samardžić: Now, you will explain us, from 2010 I think… How everything began when you found out about the Andrijana’s disease, how you felt during that period and how you felt when you have received the positive answer that you can come for transplantation.

Andrijana’s Mom: Andrija got ill in 2010, and we have been treated for 15 days in the Clinical Centre [of Montenegro] in Podgorica and two and a half months in the Clinical Centre of Serbia, in Belgrade.

Her condition was quite stable two years afterwards. She didn’t have some serious problems. We knew that we’re going to need the liver transplantation eventually. But, we didn’t hope that it’s going to need so soon. And, after year and a half, after that good condition, problems have started. Water in stomach and complications…


And, again we have been treated in the Clinical Center [of Montenegro] in Podgorica, by Brigita Smolović MD who insisted on having the transplantation. I have imagined that it will be done in Zagreb. However during the treatment period in the Clinical Center in Podgorica, she said that she would like and she asked whether we agree with that that transplantation be done in Turkey, at ACIBADEM.

We have heard for the first time for ACIBADEM then. We have agreed with it in as much as she recommended that the clinic is very good, regarding to operations they are successful and postoperative recovery is much quicker that in classical clinics.

And thanks to our doctor and our National Health Insurance Administration, and friends we came to Turkey. As Andrija said, we are positively surprised. First of all, with everything: with the operation, with the postoperative recovery…

Ivana Samardžić: I wanted to ask one more thing only; at first you were supposed to be a donor. But, how were you feeling when we were looking for other, a suitable donor?

Andrijana’s Mom: I came from Montenegro to be a donor for my daughter. At fırst, I should have been a donor for my dauther. However, doctor Remzi has found that it would not be suitably

for both of us. At that moment our world came chrashing down but, thanks to the doctor and team which he runs, and to the staff of Acıbadem Clinic, our disappointment didn’t last so long.

My other daughter and son have come. My son wasn’t suitable too. It turned out that the youngest daughter can be a donor to her sister. Doctor Remzi has done it very professionally. It’s not the easy thing when you have two children in an operation room. But, thanks to the doctor and everyone else in the Clinic..

Ivana Samardžić: When you have met doctor Remzi, did you feel relaxed because you found out who’s going to do the operation?

Andrijana’s Mom: Yes, yes… We have heard a lot of positive things about the doctor from doctor Brigita. Because she told us that the doctor is really professional and expert in his area and especially after meeting him you really feel some kind of assurance.. some kind of assurance… and pleasantness that we encountered in Acıbadem Clinic because in our country a lot of clinics are different from those clinics in Turkey.

Ivana Samardžić: There were a lot of people who gave you support. Was that support helpful?

Andrijana’s Mom: That support was very important. Beginning with our friends, our doctor from Montenegro… people from the Embassy of Montenegro in Ankara who helped Andrijana to obtain all that documents which were needed for having the operation and we use this opportunity to thank everyone.


Andrijana: Thank you for everything. Thank you.

Ivana Samardžić: So..I… When you find out about the diagnose… When you fınd out about the diagnose, so from that moment until the moment when you learned that you will be sent to transplantation here. How did you feel? Could you explain to use please that period? How did it develop?

Andrijana: Generally , all that period I have spent in hospital, in the Clinic Center of Montenegro in Podgorica. Of course, during that period of time, my doctor is trying everything in her power to improve my condition. However, we knew that it couldn’t be done easily and it requires a liver transplantation we knew that there is no other possibility and we were waiting and waiting for the approval whether it is going to appear, whether I am going to be sent somewhere for transplantation and how it is going to look at the end. But, hospital is a hospital. You cannot expect something more. Every day is the same. There is an infusion, there are injections, there is an examination, there is a scanning… Every day you know, you got a scanning, but you know that you will not have outcomes…

You know that it will be postpone until the time of the transplantation has come. And after collecting all of the exams, all of the findings my doctor has decided to send me to Turkey and she told me that she has already sent all the info and that we were waiting for the replay. While waiting for the answer, days were passing too slowly.

Ivana Samardžić: How long did you wait? I think you didn’t wait so long.

Andrijana: No, but we were waiting for the answer one week or so. While collecting the info, while sending it, while waiting for the replay… those days were so boring. [We were thinking] whether our application is going to be accepted… whether the operation is possible… Whether my mother is going to be accepted as a donor in that moment…

And until the positive answer came that the operation is possible and I should come to Turkey as soon as possible. And after having been notified about the reply by our doctor Brigita, we were really thrilled. Every after was a like ’’I wish we were in Turkey already’’ I was feeling as everything will be done as in my country. And we knew it when doctor Brigita explained us that Prof. dr Remzi Remzioglu will do that surgery. She also explained us that he is a good profesor, a very nice person and very good doctor as well.

Ivana Samardžić: Before you came here, did you search on internet about everything here?

Andrijana: Of course I did, as you know, it’s not easy to come to foreign country where you don’t know anybody, you don’t even know the doctor who is going to operate you. Everything was strange for me and I didn’t know the details of the process.

And when we arrived, when we met dr. Remzi we realized that he is a very positive and trustful person who is very good in his job that he proved and demonstrated it.

I can say he gave me a new life. Also, I would like to use this chance to thank him for that.

Ivana Samardžić: When you came here from Montenegro you didn’t have any friends here. What is the situation now?

Andrijana: I didn’t just met some people; I have met new friends here. I will always remember them in very nice way. I would like to thank them too because they helped me, and now I am coming back to my country, my home ‘like a newborn’.

I would also use this chance to thank National Health Insurance Found because it enabled me to come to Turkey. Also many thanks to the Embassy of Montenegro in Turkey which sent us some needed documents for my transplantation. I would like to thank also to our translator Almir who carried us so much and helped us to feel so confortable here. My friends and family in Montenegro, thank you too.

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