Think again before you give your child antibiotics!

//Think again before you give your child antibiotics!


Unnecessary use of antibiotics can actually cause serious problems for children! Kidney failure, liver failure and obesity are the leading examples of this mal-practise…

17112015_dr. özkan uysalThe discovery of antibiotics and its use is regarded as one of the turning points in the history of mankind and they have been known to have saved hundreds of millions to date. However antibiotics lost its effectiveness after being used for half a century. The reason for this is that many bacteria have developed a resistance to antibiotics due to excessive and incorrect use in our country and throughout the world. Even if new antibiotics are produced for the treatment of these bacteria, resistance develops all over again when they are used in excess. Unfortunately this vicious cycle works in favor of the bacteria and causes untreatable infections throughout the world. Acibadem University Atakent Hospital Pediatrician and Children’s Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Metehan Özen, pointed out that randomly used antibiotics are not only ineffective in treatment but can cause many serious health problems in children!

Doctor recommendation is a must for antibiotic use!

17112015 (3)Antibiotics are used in both children and adults for infections caused by bacteria. “However it is not always clear whether an infection is bacterial or viral. This is why antibiotics need to be recommended after clinical or laboratory tests“, said Pediatrician and Children’s Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Metehan Özen, and added:”This distinction is directly related to the doctor’s experience with infections. This is why you should always consult a Children’s Infectious Diseases specialist before using antibiotics. Otherwise unnecessary use of antibiotics would have been used for a viral infection. Incorrect use of antibiotics can cause serious health problems in children.”


Pediatrician and Children’s Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Metehan Özen lists the serious health problems that are caused by random use of antibiotics as follows:

It causes antibiotic related diarrhea

17112015 (1)Diarrhea associated with antibiotics is in first place among the side effects that can be caused by antibiotics. Although diarrhea is usually fairly light, having to change or stop antibiotics during a serious bacterial infection can cause major problems for the child. Bad cases of diarrhea can cause fluid-electrolyte disorders, colitis with bleeding and even death. This is why it is very important to seek a Child’s Infectious Diseases Specialist’s advice when diarrhea is triggered by the antibiotic, so that a new treatment can be organized depending on the type and severity of the infection.

It damages the immune system

17112015 (4)Studies in recent years clearly show that antibiotics change people’s flora, kill beneficial microbes and weaken our most important weapon for protection – our mucosal immune system. The immune system becomes weak against influenza-like flu agents and infections that would normally run their course in 3-5 days not only last longer but are more severe. This is why children who have used excessive antibiotics are more susceptible to the mucosal infection called sinusitis, middle ear infections, pneumonia, pharyngitis and diarrhea.

It causes obesity

Antibiotics, the miraculous discovery of mankind, are also a triggering factor of obesity, one of modern mankind’s most serious problems. In our present day it is known more clearly that dysbiosis, meaning flora disorder, is the root of some of the most important diseases. Our intestine flora break down the complex carbohydrates and diet fibers that are necessary for our digestion and  produce some important vitamins and long chain fatty acids to regulate our metabolic functions. The flora disorder caused by antibiotics is the leading cause of obesity, one of the most widespread diseases of our era. A study showed that a high percentage like 20 percent of children who use wide spectrum antibiotics under 2 years of age develop obesity at only age 5. As the result of a widespread study done later on this subject, it was determined that states in the U.S. with more frequent antibiotic use also had a higher rate of death by obesity, heart disease, diabetes and related complications.

It triggers allergies

Allergic diseases, one of the most talked about health problems in recent years, is also being seen more frequently. 17112015 (2)Flora disorder and weakened mucosal immunity, the most important reasons for this rise in allergic diseases, are caused by excessive antibiotic use. It is now known more clearly that flora disorder is related to increased use of antibiotics, especially in small children. Another reason for the rapid increase in allergic diseases in our day is summarized as the “Hygiene theory”: Our passion for a cleaner, more sterile life and food with fewer germs causes our flora to be generated thereby preventing our immune system’s healthy and strong development. As a result allergic reactions increase.

It causes kidney failure

At least one fifths of all acute kidney failure cases are caused by medications. Although kidney failure can often be reversed by stopping medication it requires a hospital stay and many types of intervention. Antibiotics are in first place among these medications. Also it is a known fact that children who use antibiotics frequently develop kidney diseases later on at a higher rate.

It deteriorates liver functions

Nearly 900 medications and herbal mixtures cause liver toxicity and cause a high rate like 20-40 percent of fatal liver failure. A large portion of patients that require liver transplants often get to that point because of medications. Liver toxicity related to antibiotic use is seen frequently. Usually this side effect takes a light course and improves on its own when medication is stopped. However when there are severe infections that require children to take antibiotics determining a new course of treatment is very important.

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