Cahit Gürkan ZorluThe condition gets the name ‘Chocolate Cyst’ from its appearance. But contrary to its name, it can make a person miserable with intense aches at times. Sometimes it progresses without any kind of symptom. Women who are afflicted with this condition may consult every branch from internal medicine to physical therapy to find an answer to their complaints which can make them lose a lot of time. According to a study in the US it can take an average of 6 years to make the right diagnosis for chocolate cysts. Acibadem Taksim Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Gürkan Zorlu, talked about chocolate cysts and provided important warnings and suggestions.

“This can be a cyst the size of a pin needle causing unbearable pain or the size of a lemon and progress insidiously without the slightest symptom!” The name of the disease is endometriosis and cyst form endometrioma; and it is known among people as chocolate cysts. Acibadem Taksim Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Gürkan Zorlu said that endometriosis, which can turn into chocolate cysts “are irregularities like pimples that are a dermatological disorder, occurring in the abdominal lining. While they can be tiny in the shape of pimples they can also be very large like boils. There is a substance oozing out of these cysts not unlike a chocolate fountain” and added that these formations can cause lower back and groin pain but can also progress quietly without any kind of symptom.

My stomach is swollen, I have gas’

768976896 (3)Women with chocolate cysts set out with a number of complaints like “There is something in my abdomen”, “My stomach feels swollen”, “I have gas in my stomach” and severe pain and may end up going to several different departments before ending up at a gynecologist, which is the right address for this condition. Usually they are sent to Internal diseases, Gastroenterology or even physical therapy. According to a study in the US it can take an average of 6 years to make the right diagnosis for chocolate cysts. Prof. Dr. Gürkan Zorlu said “Since these small ovarian cases cannot even be seen with the most technologically advanced devices and/or interpreted correctly such complaints are constantly looked into by other branches and a lot of time is wasted on following small clues. If the chocolate cyst form has taken shape our identification of the condition is faster”.

Beware of painful intercourse!

768976896 (1)While chocolate cysts can cause some women to experience changes in their intestinal habits some end up experiencing painful intercourse. However, since many women are not aware that pain during intercourse could be caused by a disease they are hesitant about disclosing this to their doctor. In fact this is among the significant symptoms of a disease. This disease is often revealed when a specialist is consulted with the complaint ‘I can’t seem to get pregnant’. Prof. Dr. Gürkan Zorlu, who pointed out that the approach to chocolate cyst has starting changing with modern medicine, added “Now we have to operate on the chocolate cysts that we used to say were ‘too small to operate on’. But the treatment in a 25 year old will be different from a 40 year old patient”, and explained that they operated on patients who could not be treated medically by the laparoscopic method which provided the patients with many advantages.

A golden standard in closed surgery

768976896 (2) Pointing out that closed surgery is the golden standard in treatment, Prof. Dr. Gürkan Zorlu said “The treatment is generally planned depending on whether or not the patient has had a child, the stage of the disease and what the most prominent symptom is. Endometrioma, or chocolate cysts, usually require surgery and studies in the past have shown that even though this disease sometimes appears as if it is responding to medication it can recur. Only successful surgery can be effective in reducing recurrences and with closed surgery patients are not only able to return to work in a few days but benefit aesthetically”. When chocolate cysts are not treated they can lead to more serious problems and on rare occasions they can even turn into malignant tumors.


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