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Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Robotic cardiac surgery, requiring advanced techniques and substructure, is used in only limited number of centers in the world including the US. ACIBADEM Maslak Hospital has been a pioneer in robotic cardiac surgery. Firsts are realized in the world and in Turkey via operations with robotic surgery:

Performances of da Vinci robot in ACIBADEM Maslak Hospital:

– Aneurism (ballooning) of the left ventricle of the heart for the first time in the world

– First complicated mitral valve repair in Turkey

– First mitral valve replacements.

Coronary artery patients without vascular disease are operated via robotic method routinely if their anatomical structures are fit. Furthermore, mitral valve repair, mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve intervention can also be performed on patients with suitable anatomical structure. Technical rate of success in robotic cardiac surgery is 90%.

 Why Robotic – Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery?  da-vinci-robotic

•       Less Bleeding

•       Less need for blood transfusion

•       Less pain

•       Lower infection risks

•       Faster discharge from hospital

•       Faster recovery

•       More aesthetic

Advantages of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • The success rate of the operation rises: Thanks to the three-dimensional camera, it allows an easy view of the locations that are hardest to observe. Furthermore, the arms of the robot are capable to turn 540 degrees and move in 6 directions. Because the devices used are very tiny, they can reach locations that a human hand cannot extend to. For example, the success rate of fixing the cardiac valve increases using this method.The patient incurs less pain: Because the operation is realized with tiny sections, the patients feel less pain compared to an open operation.The skin does not have major surgery scars: Because the procedures are realized from 3 or 4 holes of 8 millimeter each, there is no aesthetically bothering scar left on the skin.

    Hospitalization period is shorter: Thanks to a minor operation section and less blood loss, patients can be discharged within 1-2 weeks even in the most complicated surgeries.

    Faster return to work and social life: Minimal damage occurs at surgery sites. So it is much easier and faster for the patient to leave the bed and join usual physical activities again.

    Decreased hemorrhage rate: Zones of hemorrhage can be clearly seen thanks to three dimensional, high-resolution cameras that can magnify the operation site. So the blood loss is minimal, even not requiring any blood transfusion to the patient.acibadem-maslak-top

  • No breast bone problem:   Because cutting through the breastbone is not necessary, no risk is encountered like displaced or infectious breastbone.Maslak Hospital has been a pioneer center in robotic cardiac surgery. Firsts are realized in the world and in Turkey via operations with robotic surgery.