Diet Therapy


The weight loss of patients who have applied to the Acibadem Obesity Center is achieved under the control of nutrition and dietitians specialized in obesity. At Acibadem, a calorie-calculated diet is planned out special to the nutrition habit and health status of every patient. The aim of the diet program is to let the patient eat smaller portions in frequent intervals without feeling starved. The patients are monitored by nutrition specialists during the program.

Exercise Therapy


Obese patients experience health problems mostly during physical exercise due to extreme weight, for example problems on the knee joint due to extreme load. These problems cause the patient to give up exercise totally and to gain even more weight, consequently spiraling into a vicious cycle. In order to enable such patients to start to exercise again without feeling strained, Acibadem Obesity Center specialists prepare programs like swimming and water gymnastics that are specific to the patient’s health status. Even an activity of only forty-five minutes can contribute greatly to the loss of weight of a patient when done thrice a week.

Behavioral Change Therapy

Nutrition and exercise programs contribute to the weight loss of the patient. However, as the patient sees these programs as cures specific only to a certain time frame and returns in the end to his/her previous habits and inactive life style, he/she may regain weight. These patients are suggested to make changes in their style of life. Examples may include choosing more active alternatives, as in choosing the metro over driving, or replacing food-related weekend plans with activities of exercise, such as trekking and ski-trips.