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I must admit that the visit in Istanbul (although it was not the first time for me) especially what I saw along the tour Acibadem hospitals network, was really impressive. To concretize my idea, need to emphasize that such tours in the best hospitals in the U.S. or Saudi Arabia, I have been so far, and I affirm without reservation that everything I saw in Acibadem was competing with them.

I was impressed for high-level technology, dedication of doctors that we meet, the organization of services for patients, because I saw no people waiting to get stressed, but people who receive health care for which came from Turkey or other countries. the fact that patients often expected interpreter, car was for me another sign of a very good organization, in order to rationalize the time and energies but also to shorten the time of the stress that people derive from contact with the hospital.

I was impressed as well from pediatrics dressed, dolls,flower designs that give children the feeling of fear of doctors. Similarly, flowers and music or a piano in the lobby of the hospital, giving more color of a holiday house, which is important for the health of patients and those accompanying them. For all these reasons, in addition to chronicle the news was fulfilled in the channel where I work (Vizion Plus-tv), line up to 99% of people to be reinstated to Acibadem , and to believe health in them, or their recommend friends and relatives.

Thank you for the hospitality and the opportunity and wishing you the best.


Valbona Kurti
Vs/Director of News
Vision Plus Tv

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