Consultancy Projects

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Acibadem supports clients providing consultancy projects working on strategic planning, infrastructure, facilities and systems planning, design and development, hospital management, and quality improvement programs. These may vary according to need and requirements. Programs can be customized according to suggestions, and the components and timeframe can be revised based on the requests and requirements of the project partner.

Hospital Facility Planning, Design and Development

Acibadem Project Management Company (APM) which is one of Acibadem’s subsidiaries is a leader in the field of hospital planning, design, and development projects. APM utilizes experience in hospital design, project management, construction supervision, medical equipment planning & procurement for healthcare facilities and delivers turnkey hospitals with more than 10 years of experience specific to healthcare. APM has a team of 150, including architects and engineers. APM’s function involves the actual end-users to optimize functionality and work flows, patient safety, and employee comfort.

APM utilizes experience in hospital design and operational experience to assist with the development of new healthcare facilities, redesigns, and workflow optimization immersed in a logical, actionable approach. Drawing on our experience of healthcare facility operations and processes, we can gauge the value and risks of the project and make recommendations accordingly.

APM ultimately helps determine the types of services that should be offered and their priority, the size of the institution, layout and work flow, its location, as well as potential hurdles in the development process.

Hospital Management

Acibadem Healthcare Group in affiliation with Acibadem University offers operational consultancy assistance with a customized approach to suit individual facility needs and its environment. Acibadem’s consultancy teams identify and implement recommendations to optimize departments. We achieve this enhancement by providing healthcare operations consulting action plans that enable your department/facility to realize goals and operational optimization efficiently. Our client-focused and tailored implementation provides our clients with an edge in the marketplace. Acibadem is capable of providing assistance in all areas of the hospital, from ER operations, nursing units to case management and discharge.

Quality Assessment and JCI Accreditation

Over the years, our team has been involved in 22 hospital and 8 outpatient center surveys; hence we possess significant expertise in preparation towards achievement of and providing services in compliance with JCI standards. Acibadem has always been an organization placing utmost focus on patient satisfaction. The group’s electronic Patient Satisfaction Management System has been regarded as “Best Practice” by JCI during its accreditation surveys. Over 80 clinical and non – clinical performance indicators, including mortality, morbidity, infection and re-admission rates, are being constantly monitored and consistently perform well in comparison to international benchmarks.

Acibadem follows an interview and observation process to uncover problems within the organization related to operations, risk, infection control, and quality measures. Acibadem is highly experienced in conducting quality assurance reviews in all aspects of the hospital and their effectiveness to sustain facility’s best practices.