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Established in July 2008, ACIBADEM Mobile Healthcare Services provide the highest level of emergency and non-emergency healthcare services for the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization periods. As of 2010, ACIBADEM Mobile Healthcare Services caters to individuals and organizations with over 500 employees, more than 100 of whom are doctors, and with the most advanced equipment in mobile medical technology.

mobilAll corporate or individual services received from doctors, including Healthcare Coaching, House Calls from Doctors/Physiotherapists, Home Injections, On-Duty Pharmacy and Drug Procurement, Illness Monitoring from Home, Monitoring of Weight and Blood Figures from Home by Specialist Physicians in Relevant Branches, Check-Up Services without Leaving the house or workplace.


Services provided by ACIBADEM Mobile can be accessed easily at the highest level of quality.

* Medical Coaching

* Emergency Medical Services

  • Land Ambulance with Intensive Care Equipment
  • Air Ambulance

* Home Care Services

  • Long Term Professional Care
  • Interventional Nursing
  • Doctor and Check-Up at Home / at the Workplace

* Permanent Infirmary Installations

  • Workplace Health Units
  • Protective Services for Worker’s Health

* Mobile Medical Screenings

  • Compulsory Medical Screenings
  • CRM / Healthcare Truck and Healthcare Bus

* Healthcare Organizations

  • Retaining a Mobile Healthcare Team
  • Private Vehicle Transfers Among Hospitals
  • Mass Organization Healthcare Management

* Telemedicine

  • Remote Patient Follow-up
  • Chronic Illness Management
  • Wellness Programs

* Affinity (Group) Programs