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Acibadem, having globally established an exemplary ‘integrated health systems model’ ranging from its’ 16 hospitals to 12 medical centers and from its’ university to mobile health services, now carries Acibadem’s understanding of quality to Ankara. The Group’s 15th hospital Acibadem Ankara; aims to serve Ankara and other cities in the vicinity. The hospital provides medical services in many branches and stands out especially in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics, Ear, Nose and Throat, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine and Radiology services.

Acibadem Ankara Hospital with its 60 bed capacity and its state of the art infrastructure and technology provides Ankara medical services with an added touch of Acibadem quality.
The hospitals 3-D Tomosynthesized Digital Mamography ensures that the patient is subject to less radiation while 3 dimensional imagery in a number of cross sections aids in earlier breast cancer diagnosis.
Digital X-Ray, 1.5 Tesla MR, Breast Ultrasonography, Color Doppler and Cephalometric Panoramic X-Ray are just another few procedures provided at Acibadem Ankara Hospital.
The rapid and low radiation Flash CT is able to provide total body tomography in 4 seconds, a heart angioscopy in 0.25 seconds and lung imaging -without the need to hold your breath- in 0.6 seconds.