Acıbadem City Clinic Cancer Center in Sofia opened at the end of 2015. It is a fully-fledged hospital for comprehensive cancer treatment with modern diagnosis and treatment methods and equipment.

In 2016 with the acquisition of City Clinic Group and Tokuda Group by Acıbadem Healthcare Group, Acıbadem City Clinic Cancer Center started to work with collaboration in all departments of Acıbadem Hospitals in 5 countries. This led to turn to the achievement of scientific results to a high level and, in particular, the development and integration of scientific research, healthcare and training, all aimed to provide excellence in healthcare.

JCI Accreditation

The Cancer Center, the newest hospital in the group and was granted accreditation for the highest standards in healthcare quality and patient safety by Joint Commission International (JCI) for less than six months operation, which is a precedent in the history of the healthcare industry.

Special Design for Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Center facility is located in an 8-floor building and the total area is 10.000 square meters. It is designed to accommodate 54 beds, allowing every patient to stay in a single room.

The Hospital building was designed by HKS, a leading US architecture firm specialized in the construction of major hospital facilities worldwide. The concept implemented in the building of the Cancer Center has been developed to model the best US and global example – the MD Anderson University Center in Houston, Texas, the premier cancer facility in the world.

Medical Specialties

The Acıbadem City Clinic Cancer Center is equipped with 2 highest-class linear accelerators and brachythreaphy system and provides cancer treatment under the departments of Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Nuclear medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Gastroenterology, Clinical Pathology and Medical Genetics. Non-medical assistance such as rehabilitation and psychological care are also provided for patients and their relatives.

Medical Oncology department provides full range of diagnosing, staging, treatment and follow-up for patients with all types of solid tumors. The department provides the modern chemo, hormonal, immuno and targeted therapy.

The hospital has a day-ward and inpatient chemotherapy facilities, aimed at efficient and safe chemotherapy administration. Personalized cancer treatment is followed for each patient including the screening, therapy and medication.

Medical Genetics together with Clinical Pathology offers an integrated process for diagnosing and selecting the proper therapeutic approach for Acıbadem City Clinic patients.

The Cancer Center also offers inpatient services in Gastroenterology Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Imaging, Genetics, Clinical Pathology and Clinical Lab.

With the help of advanced screening methods, cancer prevention and screening are applied in all departments of the Cancer Center for early diagnosis.

Outpatient Center in the hospital provides daily treatment services in General Surgery, Cardiology, Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dermatology departments.

The medical staff consists of over 250 physicians and health care professionals.

Multidiciplinary Approach in Cancer Treatment

The approach to a patient’s case is planned at multidisciplinary meetings due to the complexity and the broad expertise needed. Each and every patient case is discussed on these Tumor Council meetings where all the specialists of City Clinic can give their personal input regarding the current situation and the future treatment of patients.

City Clinic Cancer Center encourages the participation of family members in the patient’s management. Relatives and friends are educated to provide subsequent care at home. An additional Social Services Center ensures physical and emotional support to patients and their families.

Medical Technologies

The full range of high-tech diagnostic imaging equipment at The Cancer Center includes; 3D digital mammography with tomosynthesis, 4D Breast Ultrasonography, EUS (Endoscopic ultrasonography), Tomoterapi HDA, Spect CT, Pet CT and Whole Body MRI.  Treatment of all main tumors are provided by using modern radiotherapy devices such as TrueBeam STx and Brachytherapy.