Faruk Medical City

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Faruk Medical City, opened its doors in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq in April 2014, is situated as a general purpose hospital providing services in all medical branches.

Established on 70 thousand square meters area by Faruk Holding with a cost of 200 million dollars, Faruk Medical City is operated and managed by Acıbadem Healthcare Group. It provides healthcare in Sulaymaniyah and for the surrounding cities as well as for other regions of Iraq.

11 Operating Room, Fully Equipped Intensive Care Units

Faruk Medical City’s health complex, positioned in a wide area, has 210 beds, 21 suits equipped with modern elements including 3 VIP ones and 120 fully equipped single patient rooms.

The hospital also has 11 featured operating rooms, controlled by means of advanced information technologies. All technical equipment, ranging from the rooms’ electricity to lighting, from camera to sound system, is controlled via a system based on IT (information technology) and operated through touchscreens. Thanks to this system it is possible to transfer 3D data from these operating rooms, among them video and/or voice call can also be performed. Hence, the operations can be watched live in the conference hall hosting 120 people.

The hospital offers intensive care services including 6 open heart surgical, 6 general, 6 coronary intensive care units conforming to the international standards.

Medical Specialties

The hospital has 24 featured centers, whose specializations range from obesity to kidney transplantation, in addition to 53 clinical services and provides healthcare with its team of 400 people, among them there are physicians and nurses with international work experiences.

Following a multidisciplinary approach Faruk Medical City provides healthcare in Kidney Transplantation, Breast Health, Spinal Health, In Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Health, Cardiovascular Surgery and Robotic Surgery centers.

Among the medical services provided there are Obesity Surgery, General Surgery, Oncological Surgery, Cardiology and Invasive Cardiologic Services (Angiography Laboratory), Sleep Disorders Center, Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic, Allergy and Immunology Clinic, Pulmonary Medicine Clinic and Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Allergy Tests, and Bronchoscopy.

Medical Technologies

DSA (Digital Angiography), Whole Body MR, Flash CT, 3D Mammography with Tomosynthesis are included among the medical equipment of the hospital, where also a fully equipped laboratory and a radiology department with the latest technology are found.

Faruk Medical City has a multicultural atmosphere together with Philippine, Indian, Malaysian, Turkish, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Jordanian, Danish and American employees. While English is used as main language in medical services, if needed Arabic, Kurdish (Sorani, Kurmanji dialects), Turkish, French language support is also offered.