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2104, 2017

All Is Worth It For a Single Smile From a Baby!

Baby Ahmad, who was suffering from cirrhosis due to being born with underdeveloped bile ducts, got another chance for life with a surgical operation which was performed when he was

1904, 2017

A Gift Of Second Life For Twins From Their Parents

Parents having the inutterable happiness for giving ‘a gift of second life’ to their twins. They feel the meaning of organ transplantation so deeply! Nothing can be compared to their

1904, 2017

The Psychology After Transplantation

The life after the transplantation is a period where a lot of emotions are experienced all together. Several problems due to the renal insufficiency have been over. However, sometimes people

1904, 2017

Important Facts About The Kidney Transplantation

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE THE KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION How the kidneys function Kidneys are one of the most significant organs in the body. They enable the filtration of residual

1904, 2017

Acıbadem Altunizade Is Welcoming Its Guests

Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which continues to invest in new areas of healthcare with its new services, today continues to accelerate its steps to catch the future. Acıbadem Healthcare Group,

1304, 2017

Exciting Development In Vitro Fertilization

  In vitro fertilization, which is the best solution for those who are unable to have a child through natural conception, can now help even a higher number of couples

1304, 2017

Stem Cells Make Heart Repair Possible

Stem cell transplantation, which now stands out in treatment of many disorders, can be used to restore lost heart functions with cells acquıired from patients' own tissues. The procedure increases

2003, 2017

Study by a Group of Turkish Neurologists Published in World-Renowned Science Journal

A study on the effects of Botox in treatment of chronic migraine, which was conducted by neurologists Associate Professor Elif Ilgaz Aydınlar, Associate Professor Pınar Yalınay Dikmen and Professor Ayşe

1503, 2017

A Hospital That Unites Two Sides of a Metropolis

  Acıbadem Healthcare Group is now at your service with its 22nd hospital in Altunizade region of Üsküdar, one of the oldest and most heavily-populated districts of the great metropolis

1403, 2017


From Down Syndrome to diseases of the heart, lungs and kidneys: It is without a doubt that the biggest wish of every parent is for their newborns to be healthy

803, 2017


  The bar has been raised very high in recent years on kidney transplants in our country. For example, did you know that you could have your kidney removed through

703, 2017

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital – The Newest Hospital By The Group

  Acıbadem Healthcare Group, which has 22 hospitals and 19 outpatient centers under its roof, continues to make investments that will create a difference in healthcare services at full speed. 

703, 2017

3 recommendations that can save the lives of women

Cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, endometriosis and myomas… Specialists keep pointing out the importance of routine check-ups and tests by saying “Early diagnosis saves lives”. However, most

1402, 2017


  From throbbing of the heart to shining of the eyes... Love...The feeling that causes our eyes to shine with joy, our energies to be doubled and our hearts to

702, 2017


A grand award from the Turkish Exporters Assembly to Acıbadem Healthcare Group! Acıbadem Healthcare Group ranked first in the “Healthcare Service Export” category of the “Turkey’s Greatest 500 Service Exporters”

702, 2017


A promising prospect: Brain pacemakers   Resting tremors, slowness of movement, difficulty walking, muscle stiffness... The name of the disease associated with these major symptoms, as well as sleep problems,

702, 2017


  A rapidly spreading threat of our age: Myopia While the head-spinning developments in technology make many tasks in our lives easier, they also pose an insidious and serious threat

702, 2017


  Watch out if your child drinks too much water and urinates too frequently! Diabetes is encountered not only in adults but also in children. Professor Serap Semiz, head of

702, 2017


What if we are making mistakes while trying to save our children from diseases in winter? The actions we take with our children’s health in mind may not always be

1201, 2017

Beware! Cold weather puts strain on the heart!

During winter, the rates of incidence for hypertension, rhythm disorders, heart failure and sudden deaths of causes associated with the heart increase. There are many factors, such as temperature drops,

501, 2017

A love bridge made of little hearts which extends between Turkey and Egypt!

Professor Tayyar Sarıoğlu, one of the few experts of the world in pediatric cardiovascular surgery, restored hundreds of Egyptian children to health by successfully performing surgeries previously claimed to be

812, 2016


An agreement with the scope of introducing 300 million people to Acıbadem’s quality in healthcare services Acıbadem Healthcare Group and Global Benefits Group, one of the titans of insurance in

2811, 2016

A disease which is not as simple as it seems: FLU

The flu, of which the rate of incidence escalates particularly in association with increasing amounts of time spent indoors between seasons and during winter, is a disease that affects the

2311, 2016


Lung cancer, of which the frequency has rapidly increased in recent years, is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both our country and the rest of the world.

2311, 2016

Prof. Dr. Semih Halezeroglu treats lung cancer using the best performing technique currently available worldwide!

Prof Dr. Semih Halezeroglu is one of the best specialists in the world in successfully treating lung cancer and among the first specialists worldwide to have used the best performing

311, 2016

The First Turkish President Of The World Academy Of Neurological Surgery!

Professor M. Necmettin Pamir, one of the leading neurosurgeons of the world, as well as the founding president of Acıbadem University and head of the Department of Neurosurgery in the

311, 2016

The Dangers Of The Modern Era For Leukemia!

Electrical pollution, genetically modified foods, and many more… Leukemia, which particularly threatens the health of children between the ages 2 and 5 and is commonly referred to as blood cancer,

3009, 2016

They shared a liver, now it’s time for a life!

They shared a liver, now it’s time for a life! Andrijana was suffering from a disease: liver failure. After the diagnosis and some research, she and her family found the biggest

709, 2016

ACIBADEM received the “Qudal – Quality Medal Quality Certificate”

ACIBADEM HAS BEEN CHOSEN AS “THE BEST QUALITY HOSPITAL IN TURKEY” The Acibadem Healthcare Group, a company that has created an “ecosystem” in healthcare with 21 hospitals in four countries,

609, 2016

The 8 “wrongs” thought to be right about skin cancer

Caution! The risk increaces in sunny weather I used sunscreen so I can spend the entire day out in the sun… I put sunscreen on my body and

609, 2016

Born with ventricular inversion but still clinging on to life!

Born with ventricular inversion but still clinging on to life! Recently wed couple Selma and Emrah Kaya, had lived through one of the greatest shock of their lives upon

2907, 2016


“14 SURGEONS, 14 NOSES, 14 APPROACHES” THE LIVE SURGERY DAYS ARE OVER! Starting in 2015 with the cooperation of the Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Department and the

2106, 2016

How is ALS identified and treated?

How is ALS identified and treated? "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis" (ALS) is a progressive neurological disease. It is generally diagnosed in the 50s. A full physical examination and the person’s medical

1506, 2016

%50 Sale From Turkish Airlines

%50 Sale From Turkish Airlines Patients visiting any of the Acibadem hospitals in 2016 and who choose to fly with Turkish Airlines can get 50% of their air ticket back.

1406, 2016

Breastanbul – Breast Cancer Conference in Istanbul

BREASTANBUL is the new brand of multidisciplinary meeting, focusing exclusively on breast cancer and bringing together all related disciplines to discover and discuss the latest research, with the goal of

2604, 2016


Acıbadem Completes Acquisition of Bulgarian Tokuda and City Clinic Group ACIBADEM BECOMES LEADING HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IN BULGARIA Acıbadem is continuing its overseas investments by acquiring 100% of Tokuda Group which

604, 2016

The Top 10 Foods For An Energetic Spring

These foods are the best when you are feeling tired! The Top 10 Foods For An Energetic Spring With the arrival of spring and the rise in temperatures, changes occur

2503, 2016

If any of these symptoms are present go to a doctor without delay!

DON’T ALLOW YOUR CHILD’S HEARING LOSS TO BECOME PERMANENT! Hearing loss in children is an important problem that causes concern for parents. Whether congenital or caused later by damage to

2503, 2016

Do you know how much liquid you should consume before and after your trip?

Longer flights might cause bodily distress for passengers. Changes in air pressure during flights can cause headaches, thirst, mouth and throat dryness. That’s why you may need to consume

2503, 2016

5 Early Signs of Diabetes

2 OUT OF EVERY 10 PEOPLE IS A CANDIDATE FOR DIABETES 5 Early Signs of Diabetes Diabetes is a health problem that is rapidly growing in frequency throughout the world.

2503, 2016


First they surrendered their hearts then they gave their kidneys! We often witness wives giving their kidneys to their husbands. In recent years, this practice is also becoming popular among

803, 2016

Don’t Rejoice In Your Child’s Big Eyes!

If their eyes are watering, they are sensitive to light and their eyeballs are enlarging, beware! Large eyes, which are usually associated with beauty in society, may actually be the

1502, 2016

Take Precautions In Advance For A Comfortable Pregnancy

SEVEN PRECAUTIONS THAT EVERY PREGNANT WOMAN NEEDS TO TAKE! Even though pregnancy as a physiological process is predictable, many changes occur in the body. In about 5-20 percent of pregnancies,

1502, 2016

Don’t compromise health trying to “Reinforce Their Immune System”

HAPHAZARD VITAMIN USE IN CHILDREN CAN CAUSE HEART PROBLEMS! Parents tend to be overly protective of their children especially in winter for fear of sickness. Without consulting a doctor, they

1202, 2016

Make Sure Not To Waste Time If You Have A Chocolate Cyst!

THIS DISEASE CAN TAKE 6 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE This condition gets the name ‘Chocolate Cyst’ from its appearance. Contrary to its name, it can make a person’s life miserable

1202, 2016


A parents, experiencing the inexplicable joy of giving life for the second time to their twins: İrem and Nedim Özdemir. They have such a deep understanding of  the importance of

402, 2016

Customized Treatment Will Leave A Mark On Cancer’s Future

February 4 World Cancer Day The number of patients increases; diagnosis and treatment will become completely different… CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT WILL LEAVE A MARK ON  CANCER’S FUTURE Cancer, a disease that

501, 2016

6 Serious Signals in Dizziness!

6 SERIOUS SIGNALS IN DIZZINESS! It can be an indication of life-threatening diseases Dizziness can indicate easily treated conditions like iron deficiency anemia, low blood pressure and side effects of

501, 2016

8 Suggestions For Protecting Children From Diseases

8 SUGGESTIONS FOR PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM DISEASES Keep children away from foods containing sugar, make sure they get regular sleep and eat plenty of fruit During the winter months when

501, 2016

Walk Against Bone Loss in Menopause!

WALK AGAINST BONE LOSS IN MENOPAUSE! The 8 secrets to preventing Osteoporosis Women in our country enter menopause after 46 years of age on average. Hot flashes, irritability, weight gain

2912, 2015

The News Comes in Just One Week: “A Kidney Has Been Found”

They thought they were going to wait for a new kidney for years THE NEWS COMES IN JUST ONE WEEK: “A KIDNEY HAS BEEN FOUND” Özcan Karaman and Ali Börü were

1512, 2015

This Disease Can Take 6 Years Away From You

THIS DISEASE CAN TAKE 6 YEARS AWAY FROM YOU The condition gets the name ‘Chocolate Cyst’ from its appearance. But contrary to its name, it can make a person miserable with

112, 2015

Acıbadem Taksim Hospital is at your service

The newest link in the Acibadem Healthcare Group, the Acibadem Taksim Hospital is a general purpose hospital.  Modern architecture With architecture that adds a distinct nuance to the

3011, 2015

A serious developmental and personality problem could occur as a result

IF YOUR CHILD IS HAVING PROBLEMS AT SCHOOL HE COULD HAVE SLEEP APNEA! Contrary to what is thought sleep apnea is not just a condition suffered by adults. It can

3011, 2015

Breastfeeding protects the baby’s health and the mother’s health!

SIX BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING FOR MOTHERS Breast milk is without a doubt the most important source of nutrition for babies. Not only is breast milk the most suitable, natural and

3011, 2015

Always use antibiotics under doctor supervision

THE SIX HAZARDS OF USING ANTIBIOTICS HAPHAZARDLY! Haphazardly used antibiotics are not only lacking in benefit but can even lead to some serious health conditions. For example; they can cause

3011, 2015

The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting

The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting takes place at Acibadem Adana Hospital with the participation of specialist doctors from seven countries The Acibadem Mediterranean Hematology Meeting Takes Place at Acibadem Adana

3011, 2015

He clung to life with 40 operations

He clung to life with 40 operations Adem Kılıç (31), who was involved in the accident that occurred in Istanbul back in April and resulted in the death of one

2011, 2015

Oncology center in Bodrum Acibadem Hospital

Oncology Center in Bodrum Acibadem Hospital ACIBADEM Healthcare Group opened its new oncology center in Acibadem Bodrum Hospital structure. The center will provide service from diagnosis to treatment all under

1811, 2015

Think again before you give your child antibiotics!

THE 6 HAZARDS OF GIVING YOUR CHILD RANDOM ANTIBIOTICS Unnecessary use of antibiotics can actually cause serious problems for children! Kidney failure, liver failure and obesity are the leading examples of

411, 2015

Only 30 minutes a day can save your life

WHAT IS THE SIMPLE METHOD THAT CAN REDUCE YOUR RISK OF STROKE? The condition colloquially known as “stroke” is a disease with a high risk of injury and death. In

2710, 2015

Yellow and green vegetables are important allies

The Mediterranean diet protects the liver! The liver has very important duties like storing vitamins, sugar and iron, and metabolizing harmful substances like ammonia in blood, drugs and other poisonous

2610, 2015

Beware of swelling in lymph nodes that continue to grow more each day!

The four important signs of lymphoma. If swelling on your neck, underarms and groin occurs despite not having any kind of infection, and continues to grow bigger, beware… Swollen glands

2610, 2015

It is possible to recover completely from breast cancer with early detection!

All Women Should Have A Mammogram... Despite the decrease in cancer cases in western countries, cancer cases are increasing in Turkey due to the effects of industrialization. Breast cancer is

2610, 2015

Around 100 oncologists from 25 countries participated in the 2nd International Oncology Meeting!

The Newest Methods In Cancer Treatment From Georgia to Serbia and Holland, from Moldova to Egypt and Iraq, about 100 oncology specialists and surgeons from 25 countries listened to Turkish

1910, 2015


It is possible to recover completely from breast cancer with early detection! Despite the decrease in cancer cases in western countries, cancer cases are increasing in Turkey due to the

3009, 2015

2 out of every 10 people is a candidate for diabetes

5 early signs of diabetes! Diabetes is a health problem that is rapidly growing in frequency throughout the world. According to the latest studies diabetic patients comprise 13.5 percent of

3009, 2015

If your child is following the sentences he/she reads with their finger pay close attention!

The problem may not be learning how to read but a vision problem! If your child is following the sentences he/she reads with a finger… Skipping words or lines… Not

3009, 2015

Spine problems occur more frequently in office workers who have recently had a baby

Pay attention to this advice to maintain a strong spine! A sedentary office lifestyle is harmful to many parts of our body, especially the spine. And then if you are

2008, 2015

5 Important Reasons To Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast reduces the risk of heart attack! Sometimes we tend to skip breakfast for various reasons like getting up late or not feeling hungry or because we can’t find

1908, 2015

7 Foods That Relieve Edema

From pineapple to parsley, from melon to yoghurt.. This is seen most in the hands and feet and mostly in legs… Even if it does not generally cause pain, it

1908, 2015

10 Myths About Prostates

Don’t believe everything you hear and delay your diagnosis Prostates can present serious and important health problems for men. The treatment of prostate cancer, which is one of the most

1908, 2015

Dreams Come To Life With In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment

Everything you need to know about IVF treatment Although only one stage comes to mind when in vitro fertilization is mentioned, the journey on which people embark with the goal

2207, 2015

The 9 Hints For Starting Off The Summer In Good Physical Shape

  If you’re thinking “Summer is here, oh dear! What about my weight!”… Have you spent the whole winter trying to motivate yourself to get on a diet or go

2207, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery For A Masculine Nose, The New Trend Among Men

Men do not want a tilted nose, they want a ‘masculine’ nose! Just like women, men are now resorting to cosmetic surgery to benefit from the advantages of having an

2207, 2015

Recommendations For Mothers And Fathers On Summer Vacation

Be flexible about your child’s schedule but don’t disrupt it Although they may not act like it, children like order. This is why it is important to continue to provide

2207, 2015

4 Groundbreaking Developments in Cancer Treatment

Not only does it extend life, it also increases the quality of life! Every year 14 million people in the world are diagnosed with cancer and over 32 million are

607, 2015

Recommendations for Mothers and Fathers on Summer Vacation

Be flexible about your child’s schedule but don’t disrupt it Although they may not act like it, children like order. This is why it is important to continue to

1806, 2015

10 Warnings To Help Avoid Post Holiday Depression

Caution! Don’t let depression take the place of your holiday enjoyment... You have worked hard all year, you are completely exhausted both physically and mentally. In fact some of you

1806, 2015

Diet suggestions to help you keep fit during the summer

Do Not Skip Breakfast The first rule for healthy nutrition is to start your day with breakfast. You can eat a combination of dried fruit, oatmeal and milk or a

1806, 2015

The 12 Differences Between A Woman’s Heart And A Man’s Heart

A woman’s heart is scientifically more delicate, more fragile… Whenever women’s hearts are mentioned they always call to mind sensitivity and fragility. But this is actually a scientific fact. Besides

1806, 2015

Does Your Child Have Scoliosis? Step by step test…

 ‘Scoliosis’ is defined as a curvature of the spine, which should normally be straight, to one side (right or left). While the condition can be congenital it can also develop

2605, 2015

Obesity Causes Kids To Lose Their Self Confidence!

They have difficulties in social life The greatest entertainment for kids is to spend hours in front of the television or computer. When children, who should be playing outside or

2605, 2015

8 “Myths” About Our Health

Lemon and grapefruit juice for high blood pressure and coffee for diarrhea! Diabetes, blood pressure and asthma medications are addictive … Perspiring when we are sick is good for us…

2505, 2015

Cutting-edge Kidney Transplant Procedure Leaves Minimal Scars

The bar has been raised very high in recent years on kidney transplants in our country. For example, did you know that you could have your kidney removed through your

2505, 2015

The 2nd Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Workshop

Turkish and Egyptian doctors discussed the future of children’s heart health The second Mediterranean Region Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery workshop was held in Istanbul this year. The symposium hosted

2904, 2015

Cryotherapy Chambers

Cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. Cryotherapy is used to treat a variety of benign and malignant tissue damage, medically called lesions.  With

2804, 2015

7 dieting mistakes that weary your metabolism

These mistakes make it harder to lose weight, damaging your health! The summer is upon us and now everyone started thinking about dieting. While some of us prefer to lose

2804, 2015

7 enemies of your spine

Neck, back and lower back pain is rapidly becoming more widespread… These types of pain inflict everyone from 7 to 70. Some of us have neck pain, some back pain,

2804, 2015

5 diseases that affect your sex life

Among the problems that men have in their sex life the most prominent one is erectile dysfunction. Problems that emerge in bodily functions along with age also affect erections. The

2804, 2015

7 Symptoms of Childhood Cancer

Don’t think of it as insignificant! Childhood cancers are without doubt the worst nightmare for every parent… However what is important is that instead of making these a nightmare, we

1404, 2015
3103, 2015

10 correct ways to diet properly

The diet programs that are prepared under the supervision of an expert and customized to a particular individual not only help lose weight but also improve the general quality of

3103, 2015

Cosmetic Operations That Get You Ready for Summer

Summer is on the way, clothing is thinning down, the sea and sun season is starting. Those who are not happy with any portion of their body from their skin

3103, 2015

The risk for cervical cancer can be signaled two years earlier

The screening method for cervical cancer using light enables instant diagnosis of cervical cancer or precursor lesions in a pain-free procedure that take two minutes and the necessary treatment can

3103, 2015

A very special method in kidney operations: Percutaneous surgery

Thanks to advancements in technology operations can now be done with very small incisions. In percutaneous kidney surgery, the kidney is entered directly through a 1 cm incision to break

3103, 2015

Life started at 13 for her

The year she started elementary school Aysel came down with a very serious illness, fanconi aplastic anemia... For seven years they sought a solution to her problem everywhere from Mersin

2402, 2015

Do Not Invite The Pain!

Lower back and neck pain are a constant problem for office workers… Long hours spent in front of the computer and bad posture sitting at a desk make neck, back

2402, 2015

4 Bad Habits That Lead To Early Menopause!

Early menopause catches 3 out of 100 women unawares! In our country, women enter menopause between the ages of 45 and 48 on average. However, due to the effect of