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From now Mirel’s little heart beats healthly!

Even if Mirel is only 5 years old he has infundibular congenital valvular pulmonary stenosis. His mother has been also suffering from the same disease. And unfortunately Mirel had been dealing with this problem since he was 2 months old. All his problems from the past 5 years finished with a happy end at Acibadem when he met Andreea Marin Banica the president of  the foundation ‘Pretuieste Viata’.

About Mirel’s healthy beating heart Professor of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery  Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu says: ‘During the operation we formed a natural valve and after this his heart will beat normally. From now on no interventions will be necessary.’

After the operation Mirel’s mother shared her feelings with us: ‘ In Romanya an artificial valve was supposed to be implanted and until the age of 22, Mirel, every three years supposed to have an invervention on his heart. Now I’m very happy because his heart is normal and he doesn’t need any other surgeries. Thank you very much!’