Assoc. Prof. Yıldız Kaya, MD

//Assoc. Prof. Yıldız Kaya, MD

Name Surname: YILDIZ KAYA
Title: Asst. Prof
Medical Unit: Neurology
Specialization: Neurology Specialist
Branch: Acıbadem Atakent Hospital


High School: TED Ankara College (1991)

University: Ankara University School of Medicine (1991-1997)

Residency: Baskent University Medical School, Department of Neurology (1999-2004)

Residency Thesis

Use of Diffusion MRG for detecting cerebral complications after coronary by-pass surgery,2004.

Academic Titles

Resident  Baskent University Medical School, Department of  Neurology 1999-2004
Neurology Specialist


 Baskent University Medical School, Department of  Neurology 2004-2009


Assistant Professor Baskent University Medical School, Department of  Neurology 2009-2013


Membered Societies:

Turkish Medical Association

Turkish Society of Neurology

European Federation of Neurological Society

Turkish Association of Alzheimer, Branch of Ankara (Founding member)


Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Department of Neurophysiology, (Neurocognitive researches, magnetoencephalography, electroencephalography correlated functional magnetic resonance imaging EEG/fMRI, transcranial magnetic situmilation (TMS) and polysomnography (PSG), (Prof. Dr. Wolf Singer), Frankfurt, Germany, 2010, EFNS (European Federation of Neurologic Society) Scholarship

Board Certification

Turkish Society of Neurology Board Certificate (12.15.2008)


Theoretical and practical lectures between 2005-2013 years

School of Medicine Year 3 and 4: 36 hours theoretical, 24 hours practical lectures for one academic year

Academic year


Name of lessons Weekly hours Number of students
Theorical Practical 
Neurological Examination (Year 3) 1   26
Dementia (Year 4) 1   26
 Neuromuscular junction Disorders (Year 4) 1   26
 Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders (Year 4) 1   26
 Neurological Complications ofSystemic Disorders  (Year 4) 1   26
Neurocognitive examination (Year 4) 1   26


Neurological lectures for Nursery School (6 lessons per year)

Thesis Advisory

Reliability, validity and standardization of Rowland Cognitive Test (RUDAS) in Turkish Population,  Dr. Görkem Tutal Gürsoy, 2011, Residency Thesis,

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