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I am David Andrei Voinea, a little boy of 2, 6 years old from Bucharest, Romania.

At the age of 1 year I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraplegia.Unfortunatelly for this diagnosis there is no medical treatment in Romania, just physiotherapy. Due to that I am one of the many persons with disabilities with no chance for the future.
On July 2011 my parents heard about ACIBADEM and they just fill-in the form that is on the web page. In couple of ours from the moment of document submitting we were contacted by Mrs. Liliana Aldanmaz, requesting us the medical records. Few days later I’d got an appointment at Acibadem Kozyatağı Hospital.

Since September 2011 I am the patient of Mr.Prof. Dr.Memet Özek – Pediatric Neurosurgery Department and Mr. Physiotherapist Özcan Kalkan.
I started with physical therapy but few months later the doctors recommended to have selective dorsal rhizotomy operation.The operation took place on August 3, 2012 at the age of 2, 5 years. Before operation a deep evaluation was done by Pediatrics and Anesthesia Dept.

This operation gives me the chance to walk and to become a normal child.

Now I continue the physical therapy and rehabilitation program.

By this letter I would like to express, deeply from my heart, my gratitude to Prof. Dr.Memet Özek and Physiotherapist Özcan Kalkan for their care and high professionalism.
My special thanks go to Mrs. Daniela Ekgucer for her entire attention and support with Romanian translation, time schedules, transport and accommodation,bills.
I’d also like to say thank you to Mrs.Liliana Aldanmaz, the first person I met via internet and who made possible the appointment with Acibadem’s medical team.

With all my best to you,

David Andrei Voinea.

September 5, 2012