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Dheyaa Abbas Yas Abbas Al Shammari was born in 1995 in Musayyib district of Babel in Iraq…He is the youngest child of a family with 5 children.Dheyaa, who never left Babel for 17 years, lived his childhood with his friends in Musayyib playing video games and drawing pictures.His mother is a housewife, and his father is a mechanic.He is a 3rd grade student in Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas High School.However, a tumor in his brain forced him to leave his school for health reasons!

Left eye going seriously crossed following a tonsil surgery…

Dheyaa underwent a tonsil surgery in April due to his long-lasting tonsil illness. However, a short while after the operation, Dheyaa’s left eye went seriously crossed. What follows is the sad part of the story. Several hospitals in Babel were unable to find out the reason of Dheyaa’s crossed eye. Finally, an ophthalmologist told the family that the cross-eye is not because of the eye itself but some pressure inside the brain, and that they should immediately go visit a good brain surgeon.

The reason is:
 Brain tumor
His father took Dheyaa to neurosurgery for examinations. He was x-rayed several times, and several analyses and examinations were conducted. Finally his brain MRI was taken for clarification of the diagnosis. Unfortunately MRI results came out bad. A major tumor was found in Dheyaa’s brain advancing toward his center of balance. Doctors said that the disease was at a highly dangerous and risky location and Dheyaa should be immediately operated to remove the tumor. A decision was made to operate on Dheyaa within a week.

Head, abdomen and back pain got unbearable

So Dheyaa underwent an operation lasting exactly 9 hours in a hospital in Felluja, where he was admitted in May. Doctors said they removed all of the tumor in the brain. He stayed at the hospital for 12 days. Then his oncology therapy started, and finally he received 5 cures of chemotherapy in Baghdad. Illnesses of Dheyaa, who didn’t have any complaint other than cross-eye before the surgery started in 3rd cure. His unbearable headaches were followed by stomachache and back pain. After chemotherapy, his father took him to another hospital in Alexandria after chemotherapy. There he was told that he had a kidney stone causing his back pain, and drug therapy was started. But the drugs made Dheyaa worse. Having aggravated back pain, Dheyaa visited out all doctors in Falluja and Alexandria. The doctor they visited last said on detailed examinations that Dheyaa had no kidney stone and his pains were because of the downflow of a fluid accumulated in the brain after the surgery. He told there was nothing to do about those pains, and Dheyaa needed to have radiotherapy as soon as possible.

Doctors suggested treatment in Turkey

Dheyaa’s treatment reached its end at this point. His oncologist said that medical circumstances in Turkey being much better they needed radiotherapy there. This is the time when the journey of Abbas family to Acibadem Kayseri Hospital started.

Tumor remnants in brain
Radiation Oncology Specialist Prof. Bünyamin Kaplan from Acıbadem KMayseri Hospital and Radiation Oncology Expert Dr. Kadir Uçar took their time to examine Dheyaa. Extensive blood analyses, ultrasound and contrast brain MRI were performed on Dheyaa on the same day. MRI results came out the next day. Prof. Bünyamin Kaplan consulted to Neurosurgery specialist Asc. Prof. Kağan Tun and Neurosurgery Specialist Dr. Cengiz Çavumirza. It was understood that the tumor in Dheyaa’s brain was not removed entirely, rather, some of it was still left in his brain. And a decision was made to operate on Dheyaa again before starting radiotherapy.

And happy ending after the operation!

The 4-hour long operation realized by Neurosurgery Specialist Dr. Cengiz Çavumirza was completed with success. Dheyaa staying for 4 more days in intensive care after the operation received 13 sessions of radiotherapy ending his story in Turkey. Dheyaa Abbas Yas Abbas Al Shammari said his belief in recovery rose on his way to Turkey, and depicted his emotions as follows: “I was full of hope and life on my way to Turkey.  I was happy to think that. Baghdad-Istanbul-Ankara and finally Kayseri… We were very lucky, because both physicians and the entire staff showed great concern for us. My hopes came out to be true, and my treatment became a success. I am very happy to turn back to my country and see my family. But I am sorry to leave the physicians and hospital staff who showed great concern and compassion to me during my illness.”

Morale is half the treatment!

Father Abbas Yas Abbas specified that morale was highly important in the treatment process, and said: “We had talked to patients from Iraq in Kayseri before. They told us 50% of the treatment was medical as the other 50% was psychological. Indeed it was. Everything is already alright about medical part of treatment in your hospital. Cutting-edge technology, unlimited possibilities, everything is in place… But it is the psychological part that actually makes perfection. Nights and social activities arranged for us, the close concern of the team and the doctors almost treated us by half. We found much more than what we were told in this hospital.”

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