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Emergency Healthcare and Transportation Services

Health Point is an integrated system, engineered to bring you emergency healthcare services as quickly as possible through various channels. As a Health Point member you can reach emergency healthcare and ambulance services through our call center, web page and mobile app.

Medical Coaching and Consulting

When you call +90 216 544 46 64 as a Health Point member, you can consult our doctors about urgent and non-emergency health problems and request guidance 24/7.

Call Center in Your Own Language

When you call +90 216 544 46 64 as a Health Point member, you can reach our call center in English, Russian and Arabic 24/7, free of charge.

Turkish Assistant

We provide Turkish voice assistance for the most used phrases in emergency situations. You can contact a Turkish speaking person with the click of a button on our website and our smart apps.

Pharmacies on Duty

If you have questions about a certain medication, be sure to speak to the pharmacist instead of a supervisor. Most pharmacies are open 6 days a week and closed on Sundays. In each neighborhood, there is one pharmacy that is “on duty” and open 24 hours. When closed, each pharmacy displays the name of the nearest open pharmacy in its window.

As a Health Point member you can reach up-to-date pharmacies on duty service from +90 216 544 46 64. Information on pharmacies on duty is available from our call center team 24/7.

Information on Nearest Inpatient or Outpatient Facility

As a Health Point member you can call +90 216 544 46 64, go and use our smart app to reach us and find out about the nearest hospitals in the case of an emergency.

Arrangements for Inpatient Admission

As a member of Acıbadem Hospital Group’s Health Point with its 18 Hospitals, 13 Medical Centers and the most professional healthcare staff, you can get our assistance to arrange your doctor’s appointments, plan your itinerary and hospital transfers.

Free WiFi at Healthpoint Locations and Shuttle Cars

Health Point members can use free internet at the Health Point Lounge and in our shuttle cars.

Free Shuttle Services From Airport to Acıbadem Facilities

Health Point team will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and accompany you throughout all your medical transfers to Acibadem Hospitals. The transportation services will be provided by cars directly to partnering hotels and Acıbadem Hospitals from the shuttle point.

Organization of Accommodation

Acibadem Health Point has negotiated discounted rates with a number of hotels and residential businesses. The partnering hotels are located near Acibadem Hospitals or in the central areas of the city. We provide this service only for Acıbadem patients.

When you arrive at the airport, the Health Point team will assist you to identify accommodations that best suit your needs.

Comfortable, free of charge Lounge at İstanbul Atatürk Airport

We offer you a comfortable lounge service at Atatürk Airport that you can use to relax, have a coffee break, access information, while using the wi-fi.