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During the war in Libya, 34-year old Kamis was hit in his spine by multiple bullets. One of these bullets left him paralyzed down his waist. When he had arrived in Acıbadem Hospital in the ambulance, according t o his doctors, he was paralyzed below his abdomen. Kamis wasn’t sure that he could find a cure for his condition. He didn’t even dream of walking again. He was just glad to be alive. The bullet was removed from a critical location, now the next step was treating the paralysis.

Dr. Mustafa Şengün, Professor of Orthopedics and Traumotology, tells about the condition and treatment of the patient: “He was shot in his back and his spine. Paralysis had developed below his abdomen and he had muscle spasms. Initially, we tried intensive physical therapy and medical treatment, but he didn’t respond to it. Then, we performed muscle relaxation surgery on his hip and both knees, followed by botox injections subsequent to the surgery. We are continuing the physical therapy program and the patient’s progress is going really fine.”

Kamis, who was living with his family in Libya says that he started not only walking, but even climbing steps:”Everyone was so good to me here, this place has become my second home. My treatment is really going well and I’m very lucky to have the chance to be treated here. I am thankful to everyone, from the administration to the employee at the most basic level.”

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