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You Returned Hope Back To Me And My Family.

Mr. RAJEH was diagnosed with a liver abscess and sepsis which is a serious infection that causes severe systemic inflammation. If it is not treated promptly, sepsis can be fatal. Assoc. Doctor Hakan Ümit Ünal and


The great news expected from Berfin who has been transplanted bone marrow has come. Berfin who got transplantation opportunity by the availability of a suitable donor was transplanted. Berfin has been discharged from the

“My experience at Acibadem Taksim has been excellent!”

My experience at Acıbadem has been excellent. The hospital itself is state of art, really modern and clean. The staff are very professional and accomodating. Very highly recommended. Excellent experience from start to finish. They

‘Professional service and a family care.’

'Professional service and a family care.' Burak worked with us using his professionalism, information flow, friendliness, helpfulness and constant availability and reliability. Despite the language barrier, I managed to have an easy and comfortable experience

Born with ventricular inversion but still clinging on to life!

Born with ventricular inversion but still clinging on to life! Recently wed couple Selma and Emrah Kaya, had lived through one of the greatest shock of their lives upon a diagnosis given for one

“Acıbadem Hospitals For Our Family’s Healthcare…”

"Acıbadem Hospitals For Our Family's Healthcare..." A new Reed Family member has joined us in our Acıbadem Eskişehir Hospital.  Here are some words from the parents who’d experienced our services and the team with their sincere feelings…

The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life!

The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life! She had lost one eye and was at risk to lose the other… Khaton Mohammed from Iraq, who could not see out of her left eye due to a brain tumor

“Thanks for your great hospitality!” – Ahmed Mahmud Kabesh

"Meeting us, as well as the high quality hospital that we didn't regret choosing your hospital after a long search for a respectable hospital to do this very sensitive operation."

From The USA To Taksim / Jaima Holland

Jaima Holland's letter who preferred to have her check up at our ACIBADEM Taksim Hospital.  

A Happy Patient / Mickey Phillip

A sincere hand writing from one of our guests!      

Trim Musliu / Organ Transplant / Albania / 2015

Kindey transplant patient Trim Musliu, has suffured from kidney failure. He has been treated by Prof.Dr.İbrahim Berber & Prof.Dr.Ülkem Çakır. Dear Idil, Today i received the mos beautifull news in my life for our family.The

Thomas Peter Hinton / England / Brain & Nervous System

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I was admitted as an in-patient into Acibadem Fulya in the early morning of Wed 19 November, following a brain seizure and collapse at Attatilrk Airport. I stayed in hospital

Abdulcabbar Hamid / Iraq / Gamma Knife / February ‘09

Dear Acibadem, When we visit your hospital, we have impressed very much of your healthcare team; both physicians and care service team, who have met us with interest and affection. To be sure, we

Ali Edan / Orthopedics / Iraq / 2012

To Acıbadem Team, A lot of thanks to all people who working with in this Hospital, am very happy to choosing your amazing hospital. Everything was perfect, The team working, service, cleaning… and special

Ali Ismail Mohammad / Urology / Iraq

PATIENT VISITS FOR TUMOR IN WIFE, DISCOVERS TUMOR IN SELF. 69-year-old Iraq-resident Ali Ismail Mohammad visited the Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital for a tumor in the kidney of his wife. Following the operation of his

Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza / Liver Transplantation / Iraq

The second life of the Iraqi patient is a gift from his sister Since 2007, 64 years’ old Safaa Hussein Ali Aliza, who lives in Baghdad, Iraq, saw physicians with complaints like weakness, tiredness

Mohamed Salem Fadel / Neurosurgery / Iraq

We are the family of the patient: Mohamed Salem Fadel We would like to thanks the management of Acibadem hospital and wish for all of you success and for our patient we wish to

Nawras Jassim Mohammed / Brest Surgery / Iraq

The story of Nawras Jassim Mohammed in Kayseri “There is life for me in Acıbadem, Kayseri, I know....” “I have never flown before in my life. It was like my heart was going out

Dheyaa Abbas / Neurosurgery / Iraq

17 YEAR-OLD IRAQI DHEYAA’S JOURNEY OF HOPE HIS BRAIN TUMOR REMOVED IN TURKEY Dheyaa Abbas Yas Abbas Al Shammari was born in 1995 in Musayyib district of Babel in Iraq…He is the youngest child

Roman Romanov’s mother Nataliya Rimer / Pediatric Neurosurgery / Kazakhistan / 03.06.2011

We want to express my gratitude to your esteemed hospital and personally to professor for a successful operation. Thank you for the hope to be an independent to our son, Roman Romanov. You have

Kamer Vorfaj / Gamma Knife / Kosovo / January 2009

I am a regular patient of Acıbadem. The staff of Acıbadem is really very professional even the intern doctors are professional. Acıbadem has organized a wonderful system and a great school. Thank you very

Emine Sahiti / Reumatlogy / Kosova / 13.09.2010

I am very happy with everyone in this hospital. Doctors and nurses are very professional and friendly, I have to note that my doctor and international patient representatives are very helpful to me, they

Dr.Sci.Edin Kolgeci / Oncology / Kosovo

Dear mrs.Bengu, I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the members of your staff who cared for us during our recent stay at your institution-Acibadem Hospital-Maslak. I had no doubt

Amma Aween / Cochlear Implant / Libya

The 4-year old Amma, who came to Turkey with her family was hearing-impaired since she was born, a condition which was also observed in her sister. The problem in her sister was solved when

Kamis Ramadan Abbas / Orthopedics / Libya

During the war in Libya, 34-year old Kamis was hit in his spine by multiple bullets. One of these bullets left him paralyzed down his waist. When he had arrived in Acıbadem Hospital in

Rajab Emra Mad Belrag Alazrl / General Surgery / Libya

13 Years Spent in Pain Rajab Emra Mad Belrag Alazrl, who is 31 years old today, is a young man who struggled with health problems for almost his entire adult life. Rajab, who was

Mohammed Baba / General Surgery / Libya

25 Years of Age, Weighing 25 Kilograms At the young age of 25, Mohammed Baba is just one of the youngsters wounded during the clashes in Libya. Back in good health at the Acıbadem

Mohammed Gavas / Reconstructive Surgery/ Libya

During a youth riot, a young body is rendered unrecognisable... While young Mohammed was covered in gasoline, it somehow got ignited... And now, as he doesn’t want to remember that ill-fated day, he has

Gumma Alaskar / Kidney Transplant / Libya

He ended his 7 years of dialysis life in Istanbul Gumma Alaskar is 24 years old. He went to hospital due to tonsillitis when he was only 16 years old and he was diagnosed

Osama Momamed / Kidney Transplant / Libya

He recovered his health with the kidney of his elder sister. Osama Momamed, who works as an Imam in Libya, Benghazi, learned that he was a kidney patient following a check-up he underwent 5

Intesar Elsenuss / Kidney Transplant / Libya

The 25 years old Intesar recovered her health in International Hospital. In 2009, the 25 years old Intesar Elsenuss learned that she was suffering from kidney disease. Elsenuss, who is a university student in

Poiata Nadejda / Radiology / Moldova / 2011

Me, Poiata Nadejda’s daughter, I was here during my mother’s entire treatment. I can confirm that here the staff and all the doctors are very clever and polite to all the patients. We are

Nicusor Untila / Orthopedics & Traumatology / Moldova

Question: Nicuşor, could you please tell us about your health problems? Nicusor Untila:  First of all i would like to say hello to everybody and regarding my health problems, I wasn’t able

Marrit Schoenmacker / Lasik / Netherlands

My name is Marrit Schoenmacker and 2 days ago a dream came true in Acıbadem İstanbul: İ had my eyelasercorrection. Everything was beyond my expactations. Firstly the extremely friendly, patient and caring people

Georghe Dumitra / Gynecologic Oncology / Romania / March 2009

Dear Acıbadem Team, We thank you for your hospitality; I, my aunt and my grandmother are from Romania. We came to Turkey for treatment and my grandmother was your patient for a 20 days

Sandra and Tudor / IVF / Romania

Six years ago I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and all my attempts to have babies had failed. In March 2010 I came to Acibadem for an IVF treatment. The doctor made a thorough

Catalina Ponor / 2004 European Gymnastics Championships both of which she was a triple gold medalist / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine / Romania / 2011

An accident that took me away from the competitions made me appeal to Acıbadem’s efficient support and its exceptional facilities. The result: I’m healthy and I can compete. Thank you, Catalina Ponor

Sandra Izbaşa / Olympic champion and a three-time European Champion / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine / Romania / 2011*

In an extremely difficult moment of my carrier, when all my hopes of recovering were very low, I had the chance to meet you and benefit of the exceptional conditions that Acıbadem hospital offers

Alina Trandafirescu / IVF / Romania

Hello! I’ve just had my embryos transfered so i am a little bit emotional… I liked very much how all things happened here in Acibadem Hospital and i will come here again even if

Mihai Tararache / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine / Romania

Mihai Tararache, the 33-year old player of the Romanian National Football Team and MSV Duisburg of Germany, has been a Professional footballer since the time he was 16. After the meniscus surgery performed on

Andreea Marin Banica / Romania

(Journalist, TV Producer, humanitarian activist) My name is Andreea Violeta Banica, I'm from Romania and my activity in my country is in the television, media business and humanitarian area etc.  I'm travelling a lot

Aruncuteanu Vasile Mirel / Cardiovascular Surgery / Romania

From now Mirel’s little heart beats healthly! Even if Mirel is only 5 years old he has infundibular congenital valvular pulmonary stenosis. His mother has been also suffering from the same disease. And unfortunately

David Andrei Voinea / Brain & Nervous System / Romania

I am David Andrei Voinea, a little boy of 2, 6 years old from Bucharest, Romania. At the age of 1 year I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraplegia.Unfortunatelly for this diagnosis

Eugen Dumitru Girlescu / Brain & Nervous System / Romania

On 15th November 2012, beginning with our arrival to the airport, the driver of Acıbadem Hospitals Group was expecting us and he drove us to the hospital. There Mrs.Elena was waiting for us and


My name is Zaremba Gheorghe and I live in Morgiunea, Suceava, Romania. I went to Acıbadem Hospital in Istanbul and I was impressed by what I have seen.The treatment applied to my wife Viorica

Legradi Denis / Pediatric Neurosurgery / Romania

After the free consultations of the Turkish neurosurgeons in Romania through the foundation “Pretuieste Viata” the patient named Denis Legradi, with the diagnosis of spastic tetraparesis was chosen for the intervention of selective dorsal

But Maria and But Carmen Alina / Lung Cancer / Romania

EVERYTHING ABOUT ACIBADEM I would like tos hare woth you my experience at Acıbadem (Istanbul, Turcia). My name is But Carmen Alina and I arrived here with my mother But Maria (51 yrs old).

Niculina Neagu / IVF / Romania

Good day, My name is Neagu Niculina, I’m from Buzau and I’m 42 years old.Many thanks to dr.Tansu Küçük for the high professionalism and to the Turkish medicine school which is exceptional. After the


The 7-year old Aset Hadashova is only one among the thousands of children around the world who are under treatment for spasticity. Cute little Aset, who was born spastic, was brought to Turkey for

Anna Mikhailenko / Neurosurgery / Ukraine / January 2011

I thank all Acıbadem staff to give my daughter second life. I have difficulties to tell how I feel and think right now. We’ve visited three Hospitals in Ukraine and all these hospitals told

Dr. Mohammed Gurban Kuchari / Angiography / Saudi Arabia / February 2009

I would like to thank Acıbadem Hospital for their kindness and hospitality during my admission in hospital for angio. Special thanks to Dr. Erkan Ekicibaşı, Dr. Mehmet Fatih Gül and all team. With all

Natasha Jovanovic, Janja Stamenkovic’s mother / Neurosurgery / Serbia

I am writing to you as I have a strong desire to thank you all. Oya thank you from my heart that you were always there and helped me to come to Aciabadem as

Alyar Annagulyyeva / Orthopedics and Sports Medicine / Turkmenistan

Gratitude to Doctor Aydın Yücetürk. My name is Atayeva Govher. My daughter Aylar, who is 7 years old could not move her hand. The doctor has operated her and now we do not

Gurtgeldy Nurliyev / Urology / Turkmenistan

“I am from Turkmenistan. My name is Gurtgeldy  Nurliyev. I was operated at Acıbadem hospital by Mr. Veli (Prof Dr Veli Yalçın). I am grateful to this doctor and his assistant  Mr. Burak (Dr

Andrew Eric Walden / Plastic Surgery / USA

As two friends from the United States were rock climbing in the vicinity of Nalchik in Russia, Andrew Eric Walden fell down a cliff and hit the ground 18 m below. Although the emergency

Magevney Ann Stricland / Obstetrics / USA

American friends living in İstanbul recommended Acıbadem to us ofter their good experiences having their baby here and they were right. As Americans living in Central Asia, İstanbul is our choice for medical needs

Ziyade Hikmatova / IVF / Uzbekistan

A CROWDED AND HAPPY FAMILY The word “happiness” reminds many people of a crowded family. This was also the case for Mrs. Ziyade Hikmatova and her husband from Ozbekhistan. The fairy tale of Mr. and


Everyone deserves a second chance! Farkad Adilov from Uzbekistan is one of the numerous patients around the world who returned to life at Acıbadem. Two years ago, the 40-year old lawyer Adilov was told that

Khudair Jwan Kassab / Heart Care / Iraq

ONE OPERATION...AND A HEART THAT IS NOW 10 YEARS YOUNGER Treated at 91! 91 year old Khudair Jwan Kassab had congenital heart valve disease. Living in Iraq and father of 14, life was getting

Halo Ameen Fateh / Neurosurgery / Iraq

My History with Acibadem Hospital. My name is Halo Ameen Fateh, I am from the city of Erbil, in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and I am 29 years old. I was diagnosed with

Drasko Zgodic / Orthopedic Oncology / Bosnia

To Mr. Ertan Mehmet [/fusion_text] I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I received at the ACIBADEM ATAKENT Hospital both from yourself and entire medical team during my stay in the hospital,

Abeer Abd Mohammed / Neurosurgery / Iran

A PATIENT PORTRAIT FROM THE EYES OF AN EMPLOYEE ABEER ABD MOHAMMED When our patients arrive from Iraq, we, as the IPC Team, greet them and take their photographs. Abeer, who arrived with the 29th

Eka-David Baramidze / Oncology / Georgia

I don’t know from what to start with. You are really all professionals, what is more I didn’t feel like in Hastane 🙂 but like in 7 star hotel here. You are all nice,

Barbare Avaliani / Neurosurgery / Georgia

I’m mother of Barbare Avaliani who has been treated in Acibadem. We’re from Georgia. Firstly, I would like to mention that we are very grateful to Professor Memet Özek. If it weren’t for him,

Mikheil Sekhniashvili / Neurosurgery / Georgia

When I found out that I had to have an operation I was worried. I wasn’t sure that it will be helt good in my country by the recommendation of doctor in your country

Nino Gogmachadze / Medical Oncology / Georgia

I would like to highly appreciate Acibadem Hospital for their qualification and kindness. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Nihat Yavuz, Dr. Nuri, Prof. Dr. Gul Basharan and Prof.Dr.Melahat Garipagaoglu. Also many thanks to the

Tengiz Kapanadze / Other / Georgia

Dear Acibadem Management, I would like to Express my great thanks for the services I have witnessed recently in yoru hospital. I was going through several checkings and various procedurs together with different members

Lynda Pitsakis / Lasic, Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery / England

Move over Madonna! Having read about the “Madonna” face lift that was apparently “only available in the States” (sic Grazia magazine March 9th 2009) and after extensive research I have had the treatment in

Mark Simmonite / Neurosurgery / England

26 October 2013 Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Acibadem, its staff and all concerned for the care, treatment and help I have been privileged to receive during my stay

Maria Soliman / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

First I would like to wish you a happy. Healthy and prosperous new year . No words will explain how much grateful we are for your help and all what you have done for us,

Yasmine Abulenein / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

Her heart was stopped for 1.5 hours, her coronary vessels changed for 1 mm. While the Yasmine Revolution was bringing liberation to Egypt, the Egyptian baby Yasmine was brought back to life following a heart

Shoruk Mohamed Salama Mohamed Ali / Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery / Egypt

I would like to thanks everyone In the hospital for everything that has been done for my daughter Shoruk. Actually I had never seen such great health care in my life like I saw it

Alhussien Amr Saad Mahmoud Fathall / Ear, Nose & Throat / Egypt

Dear all This is a thank you letter for all the Acibadem doctors, nurses and employees. A special thanks to Dr. Tayyar Sarıoğlu for giving our son the chance to live anormal life with

Carolina Severino Rojas / Obstetrics / Canada

The staff was very professional and courteous. The rooms were first class. There was not a language barrier, the nurses were very helpful and did a tremendous job. During the in-routine every hospital should have

Svetlana Daskalova / Radiotheraphy / Bulgaria

To the staff of the hospital Acibadem Maslak,Tha chemotheraphy, the radiology department and the people, who co-operated during the stay – interpreters, drivers, the medical treatment, your kindness and human touch. Wish you all the

Krasmir Nikolov / Rectum Tumor / Bulgaria

A BODY WORKING IN HARMONY WITH QUALITY OF LIFE Health can be defined as balanced operation of the body as a whole in harmony. The harmony of the organs with each other or dysfunction of

Petya Vasileva Ignatova / Oncology / Bulgaria

Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is Petya Vasileva Ignatova – Tzenova and have been patient of Agibadem since June. I have metastatic cancer and am on hormone therapy. I have visited Maslak twice already.

Hristov Genov / Orthopedics / Bulgaria

After 2 country, Genov family discovered Prof. Ufuk Talu, a reowned orthopaedic in Turkey. Hristo Genov was born in village near Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. He is 13 years old young men. He never walk

Amra Kurtagiç / Interventional Radiology / Bosnia

Acibadem Hospital is a first class institution with its professional staff. Special thanks to Olcay Cizmeli , Severcan Eralp who has been extraordinarily patient and Burak Yildirim for their excellent assistance. Severcan Eralp organized everything

Eldar Karamehmetovich / Neurosurgery / Bosnia

GOOD NEWS TO ELDAR FROM ACIBADEM When the tumour in his head turned out to be benign, he was saved… The 8-year old Eldar Karamehmetovich who lives in Bosnia Herzegovina, had severe headaches, limited mobility

Jasminko Huseincehajic / Oncology / Bosnia

I came to Acibadem Maslak Hospital in order to find a cure for my lung cancer. I decided to apply to Acibadem hospital with a recommendation of my friend who has previously been treated there.

Amina Halilic / Heart Care / Bosnia

Wasn't able to be treated in Switzerland but was cured in Turkey Robotic surgery, in Turkey, used to treat 16 year old girl from Bosnia Herzegovina, with heart valve troubles. With a heart valve condition,

Seide Gocamanlı / Cardiology / Azerbaijan

Initially, i would like to give my special thanks to the doctors of Acibadem for the care and the affection they provide us with, to the nurses and to the service team. We really fascinated

Prof. Dr. Salim Muslumov / Check Up / Azerbaijan

Patients and Difficulties of the Treatment Process Being a patient or going to a hospital, no matter why, is hard times for several people.In these difficult times, a clean medical institution and caring and professional

Anour Koutchoukali / Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy / Algeria

The Acibadem Bursa Stop of a Voyage that started in Algeria and ended in Turkey. My name is Anour Koutchoukali. Although it seems foreign, my name is pronounced as Enver Küçükali. I was born in

Frankli Jarani / Neurosurgery / Albania

We are very excited with the excellent service and politeness of the staff of Acibadem Hospital. We felt as if being at the house of God during our stay. We are very thankful to everyone,

Hygerta Lalaj / Pediatric CVS / Albania

We, the family of Hygerta would like to thank Acibadem Bakırköy Hospital for the care and support given to us… 1. We thank the doctor for taking the responsibility of the surgery. 2. We thank

Fatmir Sheshi / Organ Transplantation / Albania

PATIENT FINDS CURE IN TURKEY 47-year old Fatmir Sheshi who had been suffering from kidney insufficiency secondary to hypertension was born again after the kidney donation of his sister, Luljete Shukellari. Fatmir Sheshi left his

Mustafa Mahmudi / Ear, Nose & Throat / Algeria

Dear All, I would like to thank all Acibadem staff, starting with Mrs Maria who directed us to Acibadem hospital and helped us through all steps to come for treatment to Acibadem in İstanbul,

Saimir KURTI / Orthopedics / Albania

EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA - ANKARA Subject: Testimonial letter Address: Acibadem Ankara Hastanesi 630. Sk 6 Oran Cankaya 06450 Ankara TO GENERAL MANAGER OF ACIBADEM ANKARA HOSPITAL  Dear General Manager, Because of my wife's leg problem,we