‘Professional service and a family care.’

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‘Professional service and a family care.’

Burak worked with us using his professionalism, information flow, friendliness, helpfulness and constant availability and reliability. Despite the language barrier, I managed to have an easy and comfortable experience with the Acıbadem Health Group. I would definitely recommend Burak because he was always standing by me in the entire translation process including the pre- and post-treatments and assisted me. I rate 10/10, it was a pleasure to work together.

‘Excellent Dental Care’

My experience with the dental care was extraordinary. The consultation was so organized that I now have a better awareness of my tooth structure and the importance of oral hygiene. Furthermore, I received information as for how I should behave in the future to improve my oral care. The tooth cleaning was first class, for further treatments I will come again. Burak, the translator, was always by my side. He was very helpful and professional. He was always eager to help and tried to make the patient happy. He was always available and provided assistance by creating a communication between the two cultures and languages. Thus, my experience with the Acıbadem Fulya Hospital was very pleasant and easy.

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