The 9 Hints For Starting Off The Summer In Good Physical Shape

//The 9 Hints For Starting Off The Summer In Good Physical Shape


If you’re thinking “Summer is here, oh dear! What about my weight!”…

Have you spent the whole winter trying to motivate yourself to get on a diet or go see a dietician and just never got around to it? Don’t panic. Acibadem Bodrum Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ebru Piroğlu Durgut points out that losing weight is not just limited to winter and that you can also lose weight in summer without being dispirited. Dietician Ebru Piroğlu Durgut, who points out that going on a diet does not require filling your life with restrictions, says “When you describe your daily nutrition, what you can’t do without and your daily routine with your dietician you can get a customized diet that you can follow. Thus you can eat everything in certain portions and lose weight gradually but permanently”. Dietician Ebru Piroğlu Durgut also provided some hints for those of you who do not feel ready to start a diet but want to spend the summer with a certain amount of control…

  • Share your food with friends

In the summer months we tend to socialize more and therefore eat out more. This can increase our calorie intake. In order to stay ahead of this you should first restrict your portions. The best way to reduce your portions is to share your order with friends. You can order together or when the order comes you can put half of what is on your plate onto the plate of the person next to you.shutterstock_89270752

  • Consume dairy products with fruit

Eat more vegetables and fruit in season to increase your fiber and vitamin intake. Summer fruits are not that innocent when it comes to calories. Watch your watermelon consumption in particular. In place of 1 portion of fruit you can eat a slice of watermelon that is 2 fingers thick. But you should eat a piece of cheese to balance out the blood sugar. The milk, yogurt, ayran or kefir you drink with fruit not only slows down their breakdown in blood but also prevents their transforming to fat.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

It is vital to get enough fluids to prevent increased fluid and mineral loss through perspiration. Also sufficient water intake is important at every stage of life to discharge toxins (harmful substances), to help bodily functions work regularly and maintain a balanced metabolism and plays an important role in many biochemical reactions. Therefore it is important to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day.

  • Do not eat ice cream to excess

Ice cream is a popular summer dessert, but it is not innocent. You can consume about 2-3 scoops instead fruit and dairy for your snack as long as it is not every day.

  • Avoid salty and greasy food

Stay away from salty, heavily seasoned, greasy and spicy food because it can cause problems to your digestive system and trigger reflux. Also seasoned and spicy food does not have any positive effect on weight loss, contrary to what is thought, and it does not burn fat. The only advantage may be that it increases metabolism speed for a short time.

  • Be sure to consume yogurt

Do not neglect yogurt. A bowl of yogurt in hot weather not only regulates your body temperature but the fresh parsley, dill and mint you add to it will increase your vitamin intake and help you feel full.

  • Don’t neglect exercise

Muscles work like the power plant of the body. The more muscles you have the more energetic you will be because the body’s capacity to work actively and productively will increase. What is important is not necessarily to work out in a gym with lots of machines but to choose kinds of exercise that will work all of your muscles regularly.

  • Don’t skip breakfast43534534 (3)

This is the most important meal in the summer months. You should eat salt-free cheeses, olives and fresh vegetables and milk, fruit juice and herbal teas like linden and rosehip tea instead of drinks with caffeine. On days when you give yourself a treat you should have breakfast in the form of brunch.

  • An anti-aging effective weight-loss cure

There is a combination that will cool you off in the heat of summer and at the same time can speed up your metabolism and have an anti-aging effect. You can drink a large glass of this combination on an empty stomach each morning. The necessary ingredients are: 5 cucumbers (with skin) / 10-15 leaves of spinach/ 4 leaves of chard / 2 celery stalks / 3 florets of broccoli / 1 handful of purslane / 1 lemon / half an apple. Preparation: Put all ingredients through a solid fruit processor. You can also add a little ginger, Himalayan salt, one fourth of a beet and any kind of red or green vegetables.

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