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Gamma Knife Icon is the latest version of Gamma Knife, the device that has been used in treatment of brain tumors and AVMs (arteriovenous malformations) through radiosurgery. The new device makes it possible for radiosurgery to be performed more flexibly and conveniently. Gamma Knife is used for treatment of benign and malign brain tumors, cerebrovascular disorders and intraocular tumors.

Advantages: The device makes use of a technology which is very reliable in protection of brain and nerve tissues through its features of high precision and safe monitoring via use of computed tomography and infrared tracking during the course of surgery. It can be used flexibly. In the ICON version, the limitations of the previous systems, such as treatment difficulty of large lesions, inability to apply treatments in fractions and impossibility of applying treatment to patients with large cranial defects, have all been eliminated. Gamma Knife ICON makes it possible for treatments to be adjusted flexibly and in accordance with the present requirements, such as use of a frame or mask, or application in one or more fractions.

Facilities Equipped with the Technology: ACIBADEM Altunizade Hospital