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The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life!

The Major Tumor In Her Brain Was Going To Leave Her Blind For Life! She had lost one eye and was at risk to lose the other… Khaton Mohammed from Iraq, who could not see out of her left eye due to a brain tumor

Thomas Peter Hinton / England / Brain & Nervous System

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I was admitted as an in-patient into Acibadem Fulya in the early morning of Wed 19 November, following a brain seizure and collapse at Attatilrk Airport. I stayed in hospital

Mohamed Salem Fadel / Neurosurgery / Iraq

We are the family of the patient: Mohamed Salem Fadel We would like to thanks the management of Acibadem hospital and wish for all of you success and for our patient we wish to

Dheyaa Abbas / Neurosurgery / Iraq

17 YEAR-OLD IRAQI DHEYAA’S JOURNEY OF HOPE HIS BRAIN TUMOR REMOVED IN TURKEY Dheyaa Abbas Yas Abbas Al Shammari was born in 1995 in Musayyib district of Babel in Iraq…He is the youngest child

David Andrei Voinea / Brain & Nervous System / Romania

I am David Andrei Voinea, a little boy of 2, 6 years old from Bucharest, Romania. At the age of 1 year I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic tetraplegia.Unfortunatelly for this diagnosis

Eugen Dumitru Girlescu / Brain & Nervous System / Romania

On 15th November 2012, beginning with our arrival to the airport, the driver of Acıbadem Hospitals Group was expecting us and he drove us to the hospital. There Mrs.Elena was waiting for us and

Legradi Denis / Pediatric Neurosurgery / Romania

After the free consultations of the Turkish neurosurgeons in Romania through the foundation “Pretuieste Viata” the patient named Denis Legradi, with the diagnosis of spastic tetraparesis was chosen for the intervention of selective dorsal

Anna Mikhailenko / Neurosurgery / Ukraine / January 2011

I thank all Acıbadem staff to give my daughter second life. I have difficulties to tell how I feel and think right now. We’ve visited three Hospitals in Ukraine and all these hospitals told

Natasha Jovanovic, Janja Stamenkovic’s mother / Neurosurgery / Serbia

I am writing to you as I have a strong desire to thank you all. Oya thank you from my heart that you were always there and helped me to come to Aciabadem as

Halo Ameen Fateh / Neurosurgery / Iraq

My History with Acibadem Hospital. My name is Halo Ameen Fateh, I am from the city of Erbil, in The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and I am 29 years old. I was diagnosed with

Abeer Abd Mohammed / Neurosurgery / Iran

A PATIENT PORTRAIT FROM THE EYES OF AN EMPLOYEE ABEER ABD MOHAMMED When our patients arrive from Iraq, we, as the IPC Team, greet them and take their photographs. Abeer, who arrived with the 29th

Barbare Avaliani / Neurosurgery / Georgia

I’m mother of Barbare Avaliani who has been treated in Acibadem. We’re from Georgia. Firstly, I would like to mention that we are very grateful to Professor Memet Özek. If it weren’t for him,

Mikheil Sekhniashvili / Neurosurgery / Georgia

When I found out that I had to have an operation I was worried. I wasn’t sure that it will be helt good in my country by the recommendation of doctor in your country

Mark Simmonite / Neurosurgery / England

26 October 2013 Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Acibadem, its staff and all concerned for the care, treatment and help I have been privileged to receive during my stay

Eldar Karamehmetovich / Neurosurgery / Bosnia

GOOD NEWS TO ELDAR FROM ACIBADEM When the tumour in his head turned out to be benign, he was saved… The 8-year old Eldar Karamehmetovich who lives in Bosnia Herzegovina, had severe headaches, limited mobility

Frankli Jarani / Neurosurgery / Albania

We are very excited with the excellent service and politeness of the staff of Acibadem Hospital. We felt as if being at the house of God during our stay. We are very thankful to everyone,