Treatment Methods

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Diet Therapy


At ACIBADEM Obesity Clinic, we aim for our patients to achieve a healthy weight loss under the supervision of dieticians and nutritionists experienced in obesity. A custom diet is planned for each patient with consideration to dietary habits, overall wellbeing and specific calorie intake. The main objective of diet programmes is to encourage patients to eat small portions frequently without feeling starved. Patients are supervised by nutritionists throughout the programme.

What is obesity surgery?

Obesity surgery is based on two basic principles: reducing stomach volume and/or facilitating malabsorption, in other words preventing the absorption of nutrients in certain stages. Performing the right surgery on suitable patients can be life saving.

Who can undergo obesity surgery?

Obesity surgery is recommended for patients with a BMI greater than 35 who have failed to lose weight with methods like exercise and medical treatment, under specialist supervision. Surgery is also recommended for patients with a BMI above 30 who also suffer from diseases that affect quality of life and life expectancy like hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnoea. Certain examinations and tests help us determine the most suitable surgical method for the patient.

Fertile female patients who intend to have children in the short term must consult this issue with their doctor. Getting pregnant within 24 months of obesity surgery operations is not recommended.

Employing laparoscopic or robotic surgical methods for obesity surgery offer a quicker and more comfortable recovery period compared to open surgery. After the surgery, patients can quickly resume their normal daily routine and are able to adapt to their new dietary programme under the supervision of metabolism experts and dieticians.