Warning from Turkish experts in radiotherapy: “Do not interrupt the treatment, the risks are very high”

//Warning from Turkish experts in radiotherapy: “Do not interrupt the treatment, the risks are very high”

14 million people are diagnosed yearly with cancer all over the world. Experts from World Health Organization estimate that the number of cases will increase by at least 70% in the following 20 years. Currently, 100 types of malignant diseases are known that medicine tries to cure with surgery, chemotherapy, immuno-therapy and – last, but not least – radiotherapy.

“Radiotherapy is one of our strong points in treating patients with various types of cancer. We are the only ones from Eastern Europe who currently have a Gamma Knife ICON which is used for the first time in Turkey at the Acibadem Altunizade hospital, the hospital of the future, as we call it. The Gamma Knife ICON technology has an increased precision and, with the help of the new device, not only we can apply radiotherapy in one session, but we can approach step by step, in segments, larger areas affected by cancer. With Gamma Knife ICON we have the possibility to treat patients with brain tumors or cerebrovascular conditions by delivering the radiations in one day, without long hospitalization periods or long interventions”, says dr. Ufuk Abacioglu, radiotherapy specialist at the newest Acibadem hospital, Altunizade.

There still are a lot of myths about radiotherapy, but the specialists say that the modern technology is extremely safe currently: it allows customizing the treatments and the adverse effects are reduced in many cases.

“Some patients can be tempted to stop therapy because of the adverse effects or because of the myths about irradiating the organism. Stopping the treatment is very dangerous for the organism, the patient cannot start and then take a one or two weeks break. We had cases of patients, even from Romania, who interrupted therapy and came back with an aggravated cancer which made the situation worse. My piece of advice for patients is to finish the treatment they started, no matter what is it. There are many people who believe that radiotherapy is not good, but if it is done correctly, customized, at the right time, then we talk about a powerful weapon against cancer”, states the Turkish radiotherapy specialist.

As a matter of fact, specialists from World Health Organization say that the survival rate after cancer is much higher in developed countries where patients have access to latest generation treatments such as, for instance, the TomoTherapy device.

“With the help of the TomoTherapy device, which treats by rotating 360 degrees around the patient, we can perform two procedures in one session: actually, we scan the entire body and apply the radiations emission in several areas at the same time. Also, we can treat in one therapy session a large surface affected by cancer, as in the case of certain patients with brain or spine cancers” says dr. Ufuk Abacioglu.

 Also, the success of cancer operations is given by better viewing of the tumors during interventions and of the areas they are located in. Today, doctors from top global centers turn to the newest techniques of computed tomography, increasing the chances of long term survival for cancer patients.

“The Sliding CT device, which is a premiere in Turkey, allows that computed tomography procedures be done during the operation. And the FORCE CT device uses a technology providing hi-res images with a low dose of radiations and it is very comfortable for patients of all ages, even for children”, say the specialists about the technology available at the newest Acibadem hospital.

As a matter of fact, the Altunizade oncology center is the most advanced in Turkey, and patients with various malignant diseases can benefit from the experience of entire teams in approaching cancers, teams including the surgeon, the oncologist, the radiotherapy specialist and the psychologist. Acıbadem Altunizade has 98 000 square meters – 5 times the surface of Otopeni Airport – with a capacity of 350 beds. It is a sustainable hospital, LEED certified, using energy and water in an efficient manner, protecting the environment. Among the excellency centers within Acibadem Altunizade Hospital, there is the neurosciences one, the orthopedy and traumatology one, the robotic surgery one and the in vitro fertilization one.

About Acibadem

 Acibadem Hospitals Group is the most appreciated provider of private medical services in Turkey since 1991 and is part the international network International Healthcare Holdings, the second medical services chain in the world. Acibadem operates 17 general hospital with full service and 13 clinics. Acibadem provides comprehensive services of diagnosis and treatment by collaborating with the best professionals in medical area, using latest generation medical technology and functioning at licensed medical standards at excellency level. Thousands of Romanians check yearly into the Acibadem hospitals, especially in the oncology, cardiology, fertility, sports medicine and transplant centers.

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