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In 2009 ACIBADEM Healthcare Group established the ACIBADEM Labvital Food Control Laboratory with the purpose of providing food control and services with the quality of ACIBADEM.

Its mission is to provide accurate and quality service; to pioneer the implementation of new analyses; to keep up with scientific developments and advancements, thereby providing exemplary services and reliability to all local and foreign persons and organizations, with the quality and integrity ensured by our approved international certificates.

How does Labvital work?

All services it has provided in the past and it will provide in the future are aimed at improving and developing its products and services as well as ensuring its quality.

Labvital works with trained and qualified personnel on all stages undergone by foods and all materials and equipment that come in contact with foods. Working with trained, qualified staff and state of the art equipment in its physics, chemistry, microbiology, additives and residues, toxins and instrument labs, Labvital performs all types of food analyses needed, using internationally recognized methods. In all areas where foods are manufactured, processed, exchanged, offered for sale and consumption; Labvital performs hygiene and sanitation controls and inspections which have been specifically designed as a project tailored to each area and provides training services for employees working there.

Labvital, in providing these services, operates a statement of confidentiality which guarantees that Labvital shall keep the information pertaining to all private and legal persons which it serves confidential within the laboratory for the sake of Labvital personnel’s objectivity; that it shall keep this information confidential and not share it with third parties.


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