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The telepathology system enables specialists working in all ACIBADEM hospitals to evaluate pathology results simultaneously in an audiovisual process.

Starting providing its services in 2006, ACIBADEM Central Pathology Laboratory analyzed 77.000 cases by 2009 and thus reached the highest number in the public and private sectors. In order to meet continuously growing demand, a second central laboratory was establis­hed in ACIBADEM Maslak Hospital in the year 2009. In 2013, the number of analyzed cases exceeded 130.000. Currently, in addition to the two central laboratories, there are divisions in all ACIBADEM hospitals which provide intraoperative pathology consultation (frozen section), mac­roscopic examination, bedside sample evaluation and hospital sample collection and transport services.

TS EN ISO 15189:2014  Medical Laboratories –  has the accreditation of special conditions standart for Quality and Sufficiency.


The centralized laboratories and all terminals are interconnected with the telepathology system. Thus, doctor to doctor and doctor to technician communication can be achieved to the highest extent between units, making sure that the entire system is operated up to the same standards. A “telepathology” application of this caliber is the first and still only one in Turkey.

The Pathology Laboratory collaborates with the ACIBADEM Labmed Clinical Laboratory. This service makes it especially possible to administer “individually tailored” or “targeted” treatment methods to cancer patients in the most appropriate manner. These facilities are also critical in taking the most correct approach to patients coming from abroad, who are difficult to diagnose and treat.